Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 7th of April 2004

Lot No Description Est Image
201 An SEC Smiths electric bedroom timepiece contained in arched blue lacquered chinoiserie case £20-30 -
202 An Angelus battery operated carriage clock £5-10 -
203 A yachts clock/barometer contained in 2 chromium plated cases by Celeste, marked Bambio £20-30 -
204 A Victorian French 8 day striking mantel clock with enamelled dial, contained in black architectural case, surmounted by a lidded urn £50-75 -
205 A 1930's 8 day bedroom clock with arched dial and Arabic numerals contained in an oak case £5-10 -
206 A 1950's 8 day mantel clock by Smiths £5-10 -
207 An 18th/19th Century wheel barometer and thermometer with 8" silvered dial, damp/dry indicator, thermometer, mirror and spirit level, contained in a mahogany case with broken swan neck pediment £180-220 -
208 A striking mantel clock contained in an oak Admiral's hat shaped case £10-20 -
209 9 various pendulums £50-75 -
210 A 1930's 8 day striking mantel clock with silvered chapter ring contained in an oak lozenge shaped case £10-20 -
211 A 19th Century French 8 day mantel clock with porcelain dial contained in a gilt spelter case, surmounted by a figure of a cherub £25-35 -
212 A 1930's 8 day mantel clock with square silvered dial contained in an arched oak case (f) and a 1950's mantel in an arched walnutwood case by West Clox £5-10 -
213 A striking Vienna style regulator with 7" porcelain dial, Roman numerals, contained in a walnutwood case £90-120 -
214 A 19th Century double fusee, striking wall clock, the 12" circular silvered dial with Roman numerals and brass bezel, contained in a honey oak arch shaped case (1 strike fusee f) 27" high x 19" £300-500 -
215 A 19th/20th Century aneroid barometer and thermometer with porcelain dial contained in a carved oak wheel case £30-50 -
216 A Victorian mantel clock contained in a 2 colour marble architectural case with porcelain dial, Arabic numerals and visible escapement and having twin mercury pendulum, 15" (chip to bezel glass) £150-200 -