Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 17th of April 2013

Lot No Description Est Image
430 A red FG Sussex album of British and Commonwealth stamps 100-140
431 A blue Lincoln stamp album 40-60
431 A brown Movaleaf stamp album 80-120
432 A red Simplex album of GB stamps 60-80
433 A green Ideal album of World stamps 100-150
434 A red stock book of various stamps 30-50
435 2 green stock books, various stamps 20-30
436 A blue loose leaf album of various world stamps 20-30
437 A green stock book of various stamps and an Improved Postage Stamp album 20-30
438 A green standard stamp album and a green Royal Mail stamp album 20-30
439 A collection of various loose stamps and sheet stamps 20-30
440 A collection of stamps, first day covers, postcards etc 20-30
441 6 albums of various black and white postcards 30-50
442 Various menus from the Canadian Pacific SS Montnairn and other cruise menus and postcards of Dublin 10-20
443 A blue leaf album of various postcards, a black leaf ditto and 2 orange ditto 30-50
444 A quantity of French humorous postcards 40-60
445 A quantity of various French humerous postcards 40-60
457 A collection of black and white photographs of vintage cars and a small collection of various postcards 30-50
459 A collection of cigarette cards contained in a metal deed box, a biscuit tin and a tea caddy 20-30
460 A box file containing a collection of cigarette cards 20-30
471 A collection of various tea cards, phone cards and a Ronson lighter 10-20