Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A Doulton Lambeth Faience moonflask, the green ground with a bird amongst flowers on scroll feet, impressed and printed marks 34cm 150-250
2 A Royal Doulton figure - Spring Flowers HN1807 18.5cm 100-150
3 A Royal Doulton figure - French Peasant HN2075 24cm 100-150
4 A Royal Doulton figure - Daisy May HN1656 15.5cm 120-160
5 A Royal Doulton figure - Pantalettes HN1362 19cm 100-150
6 Two Royal Doulton figures - Babie HN1679 12cm, Wendy HN2109 13cm and a Paragon figure - Miss Susan 15cm together with an Aynsley bell 8cm 30-50
7 A Lladro figure of a Japanese lady 27cm 30-50
8 A Lladro figure of a girl holding kittens with a cat at her feet 25cm 40-60
9 A Lladro figure group of a girl with a goose pecking her dress 21cm 30-50
10 A Lladro figure of a seated ballerina 1356 25cm 30-50
11 A Royal Doulton baluster vase with tapered neck and floral decoration 39cm 60-90
12 A pair of early 20th Century Austrian figures of lady and gentleman 15cm 28-38
13 A Lladro group of a boy and a girl decorating a Christmas tree 5897, 29cm 40-60
14 Two Lladro figures of a fairy 28cm and a girl with goose 25cm 30-50
15 A Lladro figure of an artist sitting at her easel 5360 17cm 30-50
17 A Lladro figure of an 18th Century child sitting at a square piano, the base signed J Ruiz no.270 16cm 40-60
18 A Lladro figure of a girl holding a basket of kittens with a cat at her feet 1309 25cm together with a Lladro Society scroll 14cm 30-50
19 Three modern Moorcroft dishes, 1 with red ground decorated a sunflower, 1 green ground decorated with a bird amongst fruit and 1 blue ground decorated with stylised flowers 12cm 40-60
20 A Victorian ceramic 4 light candle holder with a Thomas Webb Queens Burmese Ware painted opaque glass shade 12cm 30-50
21 Six Waterford Crystal Colleen pattern liqueur glasses 8cm 30-50
22 Six Waterford Crystal Colleen pattern sherry glasses 10.5cm 40-60
23 Six Waterford Crystal Colleen pattern wine glasses 12cm 50-75
24 Two Waterford Crystal flared neck vases 15cm 30-50
25 A 19th Century Sevres gilt metal mounted ink stand, the pale blue ground painted with spring flowers 16cm 40-60
26 A Royal Doulton figure - Soiree HN2312 19cm 20-30