Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 10th of April 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
387 J Davidson, oil on canvas, Cornish harbour scene 76cm x 100cm 50-100
388 Nancy Bailey (1913-2012), oil on canvas, Cornish scene "Rooftops Fowey" 39cm x 54cm 300-400
389 Victorian coloured print, winter landscape with figures before a church 26cm x 37cm 50-75
390 E Armfield, (1802-1872), oil on canvas,signed, terriers in a barn setting, titled "A Sharp Look Out" 30cm x 41cm 200-250
391 Richard W Orr, print, signed in pencil by the artist, 1 of 850, tiger in a snowy landscape 44cm x 62cm 150-200
392 Richard W Orr, acrylic, tigress and cub, signed, 37cm x 36cm 380-440
393 William Barnes, (1916-1990), watercolour signed "The Hut Walberswick" signed and with label verso 33cm x 55cm 50-70
394 William Barnes, (1916-1990), watercolour signed, "Barges at Maldon" 17cm x 24cm 30-50
395 19th Century print, Madonna and child, circular, contained in a fancy rococo gilt frame 4cm, together with an Edwardian watercolour miniature of a lady in paste set frame 6cm x 5cm 40-60
396 Sidney Perrin, print signed in pencil, East Lyn river, Exmoor 40cm x 57cm 40-60
397 Jeremy Mason '99, mixed media, study of an archway 19cm x 14cm 40-60
398 Chinese watercolour, paintings on rice paper a pair, botanical studies 16cm x 10cm 40-60
399 Callen Valker, limited edition print, monogrammed in pencil by the artist no.26/295, entitled "Longing" 50cm x 26cm 50-70
400 W A Bingham, watercolour signed, cattle by a billabong under gums, 21cm x 26cm 50-75
400 JHC 19th century monogrammed, oil on board, country lane 11cm x 14cm 40-60
400 W Manners, watercolour signed, a shepherd and flock on a mountain pass, 12cm x 17 cm and an unsigned watercolour a man with horse and dog on a country lane 13cm x 17cm 40-60
401 T Mortimer, watercolour, signed, fishing boat approaching a jetty with figures 25cm x 51cm 40-60
402 T Gooding, watercolour, indistinctly signed and dated, fishing boats off a harbour arm, inscribed en verso Near Seaford Sussex, 25cm x 52cm 40-60
403 S Hall, watercolour, signed, study of highland cattle and a figure beside a lock 30cm x 48cm 40-60
404 W H Sweet, watercolour, signed, village street scene with figures and a horse and cart 36cm x 25cm 40-60
405 An Edwardian watercolour, indistinctly signed, Cornish village scene with figures 37cm x 25cm 40-60
406 W H Dyer, watercolour, signed, inscribed "Torr Marsh, Dartmoor" 21cm x 34cm 40-60
407 L Mortimer, watercolour, signed, a West Country street scene with a hay cart before buildings 25cm x 35cm 50-50
408 An Edwardian watercolour, indistinctly signed, a West Country rural scene with figures before a thatched cottage 25cm x 34cm 40-60
409 A 19th Century Japanese woodblock print, study of boats in a lake setting, signed 24cm x 36cm 40-60