Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Thursday 7th of April 2022

Lot No Description Est Image
801 Napier, watercolour signed, study of nymphs before a fountain 35cm x 25cm 40-60
802 Noel Ripley, born 1944, oil on board signed, blue vase and lace, with AG label to the back 22cm x 29cm 50-75
803 Deborah Jones 1921-2012, oil on canvas "The Small Crowded Bookshelves" 60cm x 40cm 100-150
804 Pre-raphaelite oil on canvas unsigned, study of a young lady wearing a ruby brooch within an archway and with lilies to the border, the canvas relined, 54.5cm x 45cm 800-1000
805 Victorian oil on canvas unsigned, botanical study 105cm x 32cm 40-60
806 Beryl Cook, (1926-2008), coloured print signed in pencil "Lunchtime Refreshment" 52cm x 63cm 70-90
807 19th Century watercolour, Continental riverscape with distant town, unsigned 34cm x 60cm 40-60
808 Early 20th Century silkwork embroidery of a Dutch canal scene with figures and windmill 43cm x 54cm 40-60
809 Lionel Dalhousie Robertson Edwards (1878-1966), prints "Tally Ho, Hunting Types and The Terrier Man" 37cm x 52cm (3) 50-75
810 Victorian oil on panel indistinctly signed, a winter scene with figures before a church 15cm x 23cm 30-50
811 Sir William Russell Flint (1880-1969), coloured print of semi-clad Spanish ladies no.419/850 with blind proof stamp 53cm x 70cm 50-75
812 Beryl Cook (1926-2008), coloured print signed in pencil "Lunchtime Refreshment" 52cm x 63cm 70-90
813 William Beattie Brown RSA (1831-1909), watercolours signed in pencil, loch scene, riverscape and loch scene, 12cm x 17cm (3) 50-75
814 Peter Hilliard, watercolour signed, "Shipping of Harwich" label en verso 12cm x 24cm 50-75
815 Albert Williams (1922-2010) oil on board, still life study of a vase of roses, signed, label en verso 40cm x 50cm 300-400
816 Ansel Easton Adams (1902-1984) a reproduction print, "The Tetons and the Snake River", American mountainous scene 41cm x 51cm 50-75
817 19th Century oil on board unsigned, extensive coastal landscape, inscribed on verso September 1893 at Conway by Sir Cuthbert Grundy, unframed 24cm x 15.5cm together with a ditto of a boy inscribed on verso, unframed 21cm x 13cm 40-60
818 20th Century oil on board unsigned, river scene with distant buildings 31cm x 39cm 40-60
819 A B D 1889, watercolours monogrammed and dated, Dutch canal scene 32cm x 52cm 50-75
820 Michel Rodde (1913-2009), oil on canvas, French impressionist landscape with Arthur Lenars & Cie label to the reverse and marked Gallerie Lefevre, Londres, 78cm x 78cm 100-150
821 Allen King 2004, oil on canvas signed "Delivery for the Inn, Somerset Memories" labelled and signed to the back 29cm x 39cm 100-150
822 Allen King 1988, oil on canvas signed "Bluebell Time at Winslade North Devon" with signed certificate 39cm x 49cm 100-150
823 Allen King, oil on canvas signed, "Spring Encounter, Pause for a Moment's Rest, Memories of Coombe Devon" with signed certificate 40cm by 50cm 100-150
824 Allen King, oil on canvas signed "End of Cornish Harvest, The Nare Head South Cornwall" with signed certificate 39cm x 49cm 100-150
825 Allen King, oil on canvas signed, "Memories of Three Bridges Tunnel Arch and Fox Hotel 1907, Brighton Atlantic Earl/Marshes 4.2.1905 London, Brighton and South Coast Railway" with signed certificate, 50cm x 75cm 150-200