Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Thursday 7th of April 2022

Lot No Description Est Image
84 A set of 6 silver coffee spoons with fancy handles Birmingham 1923, 66 grams, cased 30-40
86 A set of 6 silver Lindisfarne teaspoons Sheffield 1977, 96 grams, cased, together with a ditto caddy spoon 22 grams 30-40
87 A silver Old English pattern soup ladle, Sheffield 1914, 268 grams 80-120
92 A set of Continental white metal cutlery comprising knife, fork, tea spoon, coffee spoon 20-30
93 A silver 3 piece christening set, the fork and spoon Sheffield 1947 36 grams, with later associated knife with simulated bone handle and stainless steel blade, cased 30-40
95 A set of Victorian silver fish eaters with lily pattern handles and engraved blades, London 1861, gross weight 526 grams 100-150
96 A set of 12 Edwardian silver teaspoons and tongs Chester 1906, maker Walker & Hall, contained in a fitted case, 282 grams 100-150
97 A set of Victorian silver fish eaters for 6 with lily pattern handles and engraved blades, Birmingham 1900, gross weight 560 grams 150-200
100 Two early Georgian rat tail table spoons with trefid handles engraved DRM, rubbed marks, 108 grams 120-150
103 Four Georgian silver rat tail Old English table spoons, rubbed marks, maker Jeremiah Lee, 208 grams 180-240
106 A pair of Georgian silver sugar nips with bright cut decoration and minor spoons, 168 grams 50-75
121 Five Victorian silver coffee spoons with mask handles, London 1876 together with a 925 tie clip, 66 grams 30-40
125 A George III silver fiddle pattern table spoon, a napkin ring, butter knife and a rectangular silver photograph frame, weighable silver 104 grams, together with minor plated wares 40-60
127 An oak canteen containing a quantity of plated ribbon and bow cutlery 40-60
128 Two silver soup spoons and a ditto teaspoon, 106 grams and minor plated cutlery 30-50
129 Three silver plated 19th Century toddy ladles and minor plated cutlery 20-30
130 A quantity of plated Kings pattern and other cutlery 30-40
131 An Edwardian oak canteen containing a set of fish eaters for 12, a mahogany ditto with mother of pearl handles 40-60
132 An oak canteen of plated fish eaters for 12 with engraved blades contained in an oak canteen 60-80
133 A silver and mother of pearl fruit knife, a silver coffee spoon and minor plated wares 25-35
141 A good canteen of silver trefid cutlery for 12 with lace back detail comprising 12 dessert forks, 12 dinner forks, 12 dessert spoons, 12 soup spoons, 4 serving spoons, London 1963, London 1978, London 1980, maker Garrards & Co Ltd. together with 12 dinner knives with silver handles and 12 dessert knives with silver handles, 2994 grams, together with a mahogany canteen 1000-1400
142 A pair of Victorian silver plated Old English pattern basting spoons with engraved monogram 30-50
144 A cased set of 6 Victorian silver and mother of pearl dessert eaters and fish eaters, Sheffield 1896, 1899 and 1900, contained in a mahogany canteen 180-220
145 A cased 3 piece silver christening set, Sheffield 1930 with ribbon and bow decoration, ditto butter knife and preserve spoon, weighable silver 80 grams 40-60
147 A set of silver plated ribbon and bow cutlery comprising 6 cake knives and forks, 6 fish knives and forks, 6 soup spoons, 6 dessert spoons, 2 serving spoons and 4 dessert forks 50-75