Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 29th of August 2007

Lot No Description Est Image
245 A collection of Concord memorabilia including 2 sets of place mats, various pamphlets etc £15-25 -
248 John Le Carrier, "A Small Town in Germany", published by Heinemann, London, signed in pencil John Le Carrier, complete with dust cover £30-50 -
326 A Victorian leather bound photograph album containing various black and white photographs £20-30 -
329 A colour photograph The Honourable Corps of Gentleman at Arms 1983 10" x 11 1/2" £5-10 -
332 A colour photograph of the 1966 World Cup team signed by Nobby Stiles, Roger Hunt, Gordon Banks, Jackie Charlton, George Cohen, Ray Wilson, Martin Peters, Geoff Hurst and Alan Ball 9" x 16 1/2", accompanied by a photograph of each member of the team, and the result of each match up to the final, mounted and contained within a frame, the reverse with certificate of authenticity from Fund Raising Events Ltd £300-500 -
337 Cliff Richard, "Single Minded" signed Cliff Richard, Cliff Richard "Jesus, Me and You", signed, together with a Summer Holiday 1963 teddybear dated 10.4.00 £20-30 -
355 An early black and white photograph of a standing girl by a chair, the reverse marked E Reeves, watchmaker 59 High Street, Lewes 3" x 2" £20-30 -
359 A pair of brass letter scales and 6 weights £20-30 -
387 A colour photograph of the 1964 Australian cricket team with facsimile signatures 8" x 9 1/2" £10-20 -
395 5 signed photographs The Druids, Gerry Marsden, The Dooleys, Billy Jay Kramer, Tom O'Connor and The Crafty Cookie Fan Club and various other programmes etc £10-20 -
396 3 signed Tom O'Connor publicity photographs, do. Bob Monkhouse, do. Dave Berry, do. Tony Christi, do. Tony Monopoly, do. Gerry and The Pacemaker's with one signature, do. The Black Abbots and do. Stu Francis together with a 45rpm Tom O'Connor record "Liverpool My Love" signed best wishes Tom O'Connor £20-30 -
400 A fine quality Belouche rug with 4 rectangular medallions to the centre within multi-row borders, signed, 56" x 31" £20-30 -
406 An Eastern red ground rug with central geometric medallion 73" x 32", signed £20-30 -
431 A pair of brass letter scales £20-30 -
456 A 1927 Royal Masonic Institution for Girls certificate featuring a black and white photograph of Edward Prince of Wales, contained in an oak frame 17" x 10" £25-35 -