Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th of August 2020

Lot No Description Est Image
991 L'Epee Fonde, a 20th Century French 8 day striking on gong carriage clock, the enamelled dial with calendar dial, date dial and month dial, marked L'Epee Fonde En 1839 Sainte Suzanne France, the back plate signed with crossed swords mark and Made in France, complete with key and guarantee dated 7/05/88 150-200
992 A Victorian aneroid barometer and thermometer with enamelled dial, contained in a walnut wheel case 40-60
993 A 19th Century Continental 8 day striking bracket clock with paper dial and Arabic numerals contained in a walnut case, the back plate marked 56009, complete with pendulum and key 40-60
994 A 19th Century mercury barometer and thermometer with silvered dial, contained in a light oak wheel shaped case 30-40
995 Japy Freres, a French 19th Century 8 day striking mantel clock contained in a gilt ormolu case with porcelain panels depicting the arts and music surmounted by a classical bust with trophy, the back plate marked 40078, complete with pendulum (bell is missing) 250-350
996 A 19th Century mercury wheel barometer and thermometer, the brassed dial damp/dry indicator and thermometer fitted a mirror above silvered dial and silvered spirit level, contained in an inlaid mahogany wheel case 40-60
997 McMaster, a Regency 8 day striking double fusee bracket clock striking on a bell, the 19 1/2" painted dial marked McMaster London with 12cm plain brass back plate, contained in a mahogany case surmounted by a gilt metal pineapple and with ring drop handles to the sides 50cm h x 27cm w x 16cm d, complete with key and pendulum 400-600
998 An 18th Century Continental striking wall clock with 31cm square brass dial, Roman numerals, spandrels depicting labourers 50-75
999 Philip Haas, a 19th Century striking mantel clock with silvered dial and Arabic numerals contained in an oak case, complete with key and pendulum 40-60
1000 Elliott, a Queen Anne style bracket clock with gilt dial and silvered chapter ring contained in a walnut case 40-60
1001 A Vincent and Gie 19th Century French 3 piece clock garniture comprising striking on bell mantel clock with enamelled dial and Roman numerals, the back plate marked Vincent and Gie and numbered 3980, contained in a pink marble and gilt ormolu case surmounted by a lidded urn together with a pair of twin light candelabrum 200-300
1002 A Smith lantern clock contained in a gilt metal case with battery operated movement 44cm h x 10cm w x 10cm d 30-50