Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 15th of December 2010

Lot No Description Est Image
588 A Victorian boat shaped glass vase 5" and a circular ditto 20-30
589 A hand blown turquoise coloured glass twin handled vase 8" 30-50
590 An 18th Century ale glass with cotton twist stem, raised on a circular spreading foot 6" 150-200
591 An 18th/19th Century glass rummer 5" 20-30
610 A circular cut glass vase 8", a small collection of paperweights and 3 carved African wooden salad servers 40-60
621 A brown Art Glass club shaped vase 11" 50-75
630 A set of 11 long stemmed hock glasses with petal bases 20-30
633 An Art Glass club shaped vase 15", a clear glass vase 7" and a small glass vase 4" 5-10
637 A pair of cut glass mallet shaped decanters and stoppers 12" and a cut glass decanter 9" 10-20
644 A circular pedestal glass bowl with silver overlay 9" together with a similar dish 20-30
648 A large cut glass globular shaped table lamp 14" 45-55
652 A cut glass biscuit barrel, 2 Berlin style cabinet cups and saucers, a pair of ebony candlesticks etc 10-20
656 A pair of Edwardian green glazed porcelain twin handled vases, a Derby style tea set and a pair of twin light wall light brackets with glass shades 10-20