Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 15th of December 2010

Lot No Description Est Image
309 A Waddington's Lexican card game and a set of dominoes 5-10
333 3 models of The Coronation Coach and 3 sets of horses 20-30
340 An Armand Marseille porcelain headed doll with open and shutting eyes, open mouth, the head incised AM German 351/7K 20-30
342 A Corgi Unsung Hero model tanks, a do. Forgotten Hero Tank and an Elite Command set of Civil War figures, all boxed 20-30
343 11 Match Box Platinum edition cars, boxed 70-90
344 A Corgi James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB5, a Corgi Classic commercial model of a tram and a Match Box model of Yesteryear Rolls Royce 20-30
345 2 Dinky Jack Daniels long trucks, 6 Brooklin models and other models etc 70-90
346 Various Return of The Jedi figures including an Ewok Assault Catapult with instructions, an Int-4 Interceptor with instructions, ISP-6 with instructions, a One Man Sail Skiff with instructions, an Ewok Combat Glider with instructions, a Scout and bike, CAP-2 with instructions and an AST-5 with instructions 20-30
348 A collection of dolls house furniture 15-25
349 A miniature dolls house gramophone and various dolls house china etc 15-25
350 A collection of various second period Star Wars figures 20-30
351 A Corgi model of The 1902 State Landau, a model of the Coronation Coach, a Corgi model of The Queens Golden Jubilee double decker bus and 2 other Corgi models of a bus 20-30
352 A collection of various model cars 30-50
439 A Backgammon/chess board in the form of a book 20-30
446 A set of hardwood and brass inlaid dominoes contained in a rectangular box with hinged lid 12-20
448 2 sets of playing cards and 5 hardwood and brass inlaid dice contained in a wooden box with hinged lid 10-20
474 A box containing tin plate and other toys 10-20