Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 14th of December 2011

Lot No Description Est Image
597 A parchment and wooden bound cabin trunk 33" x 20" 20-30
613 A wooden model of a slatted garden bench 14" 5-10
619 A wooden cigar press marked Hart & Hertel no. 2361 Schwetzingen 10-20
624 A crate of 1978 Chateau Grand Puy Ducasse 250-300
668 A bone and bamboo Mahjong set contained in a pokerwork wooden box with hinged lid together with 4 wooden walls 50-75
673 A pair of white painted turned wooden urns 11" 15-20
697 A miniature advertising tea chest for John Barker & Co Ltd Tea Importers 8" together with a rectangular wooden box marked Joseph Thorley Ltd Kings Cross 20-30
700 An Oriental carved wooden figure of a gentleman with panier 7" and a European figure of an accordionist 7" 20-30
702 4 various African carved wooden figures 20-30
713 A pair of African carved portraits busts of a lady and gentleman 13" 20-30
737 A turned wooden treen money box decorated in the form of a turret, decorated The Great Wheel Blackpool and 2 teak napkin rings made from teak from HMS Warspite and a HMS Queen Elizabeth 20-30
755 A Victorian wand of office marked I Rest Com 4. Wand 40-60
759 A small collection of geological specimens 20-30
761 A Victorian treen paper knife decorated scenes of Sidmouth, do. pair of clogs and a cylindrical jar and cover decorated scenes of Folkestone 15-20
833 An Eastern wooden and horn wall mounting gun/sword rack 30-50
836 An embossed brass box with hinged lid 7", a brass cigarette box and 2 carved wooden boxes 10-20