Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 18th of December 2013

Lot No Description Est Image
426 A late George III North Country oak longcase clock, the case with broken swan neck pediment above ring turned column supports, the crossbanded trunk door flanked by fluted quarter pilasters, raised on ogee bracket feet. Fitted a 12" painted broken arch Roman and Arabic dial with moon phase, date aperture and second subsidiary dial, decorated allegorical spandrels 88"h x 20"w x 10"d 450-550
427 A French carriage clock with rectangular enamelled dial and Roman numerals, contained in a gilt metal case 4"h 40-60
428 Euden, Rue de Rivole, a mid 19th Century ebonised rosewood and cut brass inlaid mantel clock, having Roman enamelled dial, set 8 day cylinder movement with count wheel strike on bell, 12"h x 10"w x 5.5"d 50-75
429 A 19th Century ebonised and engraved gilt metal clock case with 3 1/2" aperture 30-50
430 A 19th Century American alarm mantel clock with 4" metal dial and Roman numerals contained in a walnut case 30-50
431 A late Victorian walnut bracket clock of architectural form set Roman and Arabic dial, flanked by fluted composite pilasters, having 8 day movement, signed S & H, SOH, chiming gongs, 16.5"h x 12.5"w x 8"d 80-120
432 A 400 day clock with enamelled dial and Arabic numerals, contained in a gilt metal case, complete with dome 30-50
433 A fusee wall clock with 11 1/2" painted dial and Roman numerals, marked examined by W. Batty & Sons Manchester, contained in an oak and mahogany case 80-120
434 A 400 day clock complete with glass dome by Bentima 15-20
435 A 1930's chiming mantel clock with silvered dial and Arabic numerals contained in an oak Admiral's hat shaped case 20-30
436 A 19th Century French 8 day striking mantel clock with enamelled dial and Roman numerals contained in a black marble architectural case 40-60
437 A Victorian mercury barometer by Chadburn Bros. of Sheffield with silvered dial and thermometer contained in a rosewood wheel case 90-120
438 A brass cased Shatz clock on raised platform, 8" 200-250
439 A 19th Century striking mantel clock with 6" heart shaped dial contained in a mahogany case 40-60
440 An Art Deco chiming mantel clock with square dial contained in a walnut case by Smiths £15-20 15-20
441 An Art Deco onyx and black marble mantel timepiece flanked by a seated female musician, signed Menneville 28" 30-50
442 A ships brass 9 1/2" compass, set in a later mahogany box 13" 100-150
443 A George III mercury wheel barometer and thermometer contained in a wheel case with damp/dry indicator, brass thermometer, concave mirror above a spirit level marked Arnold of Gloucester 100-150
444 A Victorian 8 day French timepiece with enamelled dial and Roman numerals contained a 2 colour marble case 40-60
446 A Georgian pine longcase clock, the painted dial with scroll spandrels, the chapter ring inscribed Giles Coates Chedworth, the face with exotic birds and subsidiary dial 81" 200-300
447 A George III oak and pine cased longcase clock, the 11" square brass dial with scroll spandrels, the chapter ring with Roman numerals and numbers, the face inscribed Bucknell Crediton with subsidiary dial engraved with an exotic bird within a Chinese pavillion and scrolls 84" 500-800
448 A Georgian oak inlaid mahogany longcase clock, the 12" painted dial with scroll spandrels, Edward Bell Utoxeter, with subsidiary dial, the trunk with quarter columns and panel base on scroll feet 80" 200-400
451 A Victorian gold plated banded agate pendant 30-60