Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 10th of December 2014

Lot No Description Est Image
201 A pair of Chinese style polished brass club shaped table lamps 22" 40-60
202 A spelter figure group of a charioteer being drawn by 4 horses, raised on a marble base 18" 40-60
203 A copper twin handled preserving pan 17" 20-40
204 A carved brown painted rustic wooden figure raised on a barrel shaped base 22"h x 19"w and 10"d, the base marked E Walker 40-60
205 A rectangular pierced cast iron plaque decorated birds 21" x 14" 50-75
206 An Art Deco spelter figure group of a standing lady with Afghan hound, raised on a shaped marble base 16"h x 21"w 70-100
207 A stuffed and mounted common gull and an oyster catcher contained in a naturalistic case 19"h x 24"w x 9"d 40-60
208 2 Victorian stuffed and mounted cuckoos in naturalistic surroundings 20"h x 16"w x 8 1/2"d 50-75
209 A 19th Century copper weather vane in the form of a running horse 13"h x 31"l, raised on an iron and metal pole 39" x 18 1/2"l 80-120
210 A pair of polished granite square pedestals raised on stepped bases 41"h x 12"w x 12"d 150-200
211 A circular polished copper preserving pan 15" 20-40
212 A large pair of elm and brass bellows 10-20
213 A Coracle picnic hamper containing 2 Thermos flasks, 2 square sandwich boxes, 4 chrome teaspoons, 3 green plastic saucers and 4 ditto plates 20-30
214 Edward Smith of Gainsborough, a 19th Century metal twin handled fish kettle, 12"h x 21"w x 15"d 20-40
215 A circular engraved brass charger decorated St George slaying a dragon, marked Lieutenant Colonel J S Colings 1948, 22 1/2" 20-40
216 An alabaster and gilt mounted table lamp 18" 10-20
217 A pair of Japanese style white metal twin light candelabrum decorated dragon 16"h 20-40
218 A well weathered reconstituted stone figure of a seated dog 29"h 80-120
219 A well weathered reconstituted stone crescent shaped bench, raised on scroll ends 16"h x 84"w x 15"d 100-150
220 A circular reconstituted stone bird bath, raised on a stepped and reeded column 34"h x 27" diam. 60-90
221 A carved oak hymn board 40-60
222 A circular bronze gong complete with beater 16" 20-40
223 A Trench Art standard lamp formed from 3 shell cases 59"h 30-50
224 An Art Nouveau "Bauhaus" wrought metal twin light table lamp in the form of a twin light candelabrum, raised on an oval base 25"h 20-40
225 A 19th Century copper helmet shaped coal scuttle 15-20