Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 16th of December 2015

Lot No Description Est Image
675 Minor costume jewellery 20-30
676 A silver bangle and minor silver jewellery 20-30
677 A 1960's Christian Dior imitation pearl and turquoise brooch and minor costume jewellery 20-40
678 A Victorian silver locket and minor silver jewellery 40-60
680 A Victorian silver brooch and minor silver jewellery contained in a Moroccan silver jewellery box 30-60
681 A quantity of "Miracle Gem" set costume jewellery 30-60
686 Minor costume jewellery and watches 20-40
687 A Victorian silver locket and other minor costume jewellery etc 30-50
688 A stylish 1960's floral spray brooch, a malachite pendant in a gold plated mount, silver and mother of pearl fruit knife and minor costume jewellery 50-75
689 A string of nephrite beads and minor costume jewellery 30-60
690 Minor costume jewellery 20-30
691 A quantity of Victorian and later costume jewellery including a gold script pendant on chain a red and gilt compact, cultured and simulated pearls etc 30-40
692 A quantity of costume jewellery 20-30
693 A large quantity of modern costume jewellery including earrings, pearl and bead necklaces, gilt bracelets etc 40-80
694 A silver compact, minor silver costume and other jewellery 30-50
695 A coral bead necklace and a large quantity of costume jewellery 40-80
696 A quantity of costume jewellery 20-40
698 A quantity of various costume jewellery 30-50