Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 16th of December 2015

Lot No Description Est Image
726 A Mont Blanc ball point pen, in original box and guarantee 80-120
727 A silver propelling pencil and 2 plated ditto 20-30
728 A lady's 1970's Waterman fountain pen with chequer decorated barrel and 18ct nib 50-75
729 A gentleman's Cross gold plated fountain pen with 14ct gold nib, a steel cased ditto, 2 others, a propelling pencil and a silver identity bracelet, 36 grams 40-60
730 A 9ct gold yellow gold engine turned yard o'lead propelling pencil 80-120
731 A blue Parker 17 fountain pen, 4 later rollerball ballpoint pens, boxed Osprey roller ball and propelling pencil, a ditto Conway Stewart fountain pen and propelling pencil, a modern Waterman's fountain pen and a Pentel roller ball 28-38
732 A Waterman's blue marbled fountain pen W5 (lacking nib), a blue Universal Conway Stewart ditto (lacking nib), a black Delarue pen (lacking nib), a green marbled Penol Senior ditto (lacking nib) and other curios 40-50
733 A Parker Black duofold fountain pen, a steel topped Burgundy 51, a gilt topped Burgundy 51 and other Parker fountain pens, propelling pencils and roller balls 40-60
734 A boxed blue Parker 51 fountain pen and a ditto propelling pencil, a boxed pink marbled Waterman 512V fountain pen and propelling pencil and 6 other propelling pencils 30-50
735 A boxed Mont Blanc propelling pencil with guarantee 50-100