Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 16th of December 2015

Lot No Description Est Image
602 Cartier, an 18ct yellow 2 colour gold expanding bracelet set with 2 initial C's mounted with 9 diamonds, signed Cartier no.237876, gross weight 18.2 grams 6.5cm wide 1900-2200
619 A 9ct yellow gold bracelet with ditto padlock, 14 grams 80-120
627 A jade 7 plaque necklace with pierced flattened beads 50-80
646 A 19th Century yellow gold garnet set necklace converting to a pair of bracelets 800-1000
663 A 9ct yellow gold Albert with 2 colour hardstone swivel and T bar 220-280
668 A treated natural amber bead necklace, 2 others and minor loose beads 40-60
669 A Victorian mourning brooch, a hardstone bead necklace and ditto brooch 30-50
670 A silver coin bracelet and minor silver jewellery 40-60
671 A Victorian gilt muff chain and minor costume jewellery 30-50
672 A treated natural amber bead necklace 34", a ditto pendant 30-60
673 A malachite bead necklace with tapered drops 14", a ditto bangle, a silver mounted ring 20-40
674 A banded agate bead necklace 18" 50-75
682 A hardstone bead necklace 34" and minor necklaces etc 30-50
683 Minor paste set jewellery and plated cutlery 20-40
685 An Edwardian amethyst set tie pin and minor Victorian and later costume jewellery 50-100
697 A modern treated amber bead necklace and 1 other necklace 40-60