Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 16th of December 2015

Lot No Description Est Image
476 An Art Deco silver mounted tortoiseshell desktop calendar/timepiece, London 1927 5" x 3 1/2" 80-120
494 An Edwardian silver plated mounted and crocodile hip flask 4", a police whistle 20-40
517 An Edwardian inlaid oak silver plated mounted 3 bottle tantalus, the 2 flaps revealing 5 glasses, the base with a fitted drawer enclosing cards and markers 13"h x 13 1/2"w x 11"d 100-200
520 A silver mounted glass sugar shaker Birmingham 1915, 3 silver napkin rings, a caddy spoon and a thimble 40-60
525 An Edwardian 3 bottle decanter set in a plated trefoil stand with masks, scrolls and shells 18 1/2" 80-120
526 A silver plated tapered vase with pierced handle 12" and minor plated items 30-40
528 A silver plated salver with fancy rim and chased decoration 17", a quantity of Victorian and later plated items 40-60
529 A Victorian silver plated 2 bottle ink stand on scroll feet 12", a plated tray and minor plated items 50-100
530 A modern silver plated rectangular cigarette box and minor plated items 30-50
532 A Queen Anne style silver plated coffee pot and minor plated items 30-50
533 A Tiffany silver plated rose bowl 7", boxed 20-40
536 A pair of silver plated asparagus tongs and minor silver plated items 30-50
537 A leather toilet case containing 4 tortoiseshell accessories 20-30
538 A silver plated swing handled basket and minor plated items 30-50
549 An early 20th Century WMF silver plated mounted ewer with repousse decoration, the splayed glass body with green dimpled decoration in the form of a peacock feather 13" 100-150
550 An early 20th Century WMF silver plated repousse basket decorated a figure of a semi-clad reclining figure beneath a rose bush, stamped 400, 10" 80-120
551 An Edwardian silver plated mounted cut glass biscuit barrel with ivory knop on a ditto base with scroll feet 10" 50-100
552 An oval silver plated pierced galleried 2 handled tray 24" 30-50
553 A pair of stylish silver plated Art Nouveau hammer pattern bowls on quatrefoil supports and circular bases 9 1/2" 180-220
555 A Victorian silver plated chased spherical samovar with acorn finial and lion ring handles on raised square base with ball feet 30-60
556 A Victorian silver plated repousse Rococo candlestick 12" 20-30
559 A silver plated punch bowl with lion ring handles and minor plated items 30-50
560 A silver plated entree set and minor plated items including cutlery etc 40-60
563 A pair of silver plated Empire style table lamps on hoof feet with trefoil bases 20" 80-120
564 A stylish Hukin and Heath silver plated coffee pot, minor trophy cups etc 50-80