Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 18th of December 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A matched 5 piece Meissen monkey band comprising harpist, double bass, triangle, singer and drummer, all raised on rococo bases, 3 are 12cm, 1 is 14cm and 1 is 15cm 150-200
2 Three 19th Century Meissen plates decorated with studies of birds surrounded by insects in a gilt border 20cm 80-120
3 A 19th Century Potschappel centrepiece, the pierced basket encrusted with flowers, the base with 4 figures, 30cm 80-120
4 A Jenny Winstanley cat with glass eyes, model no.2, 16cm 30-40
5 A Goebel money bank in the form of a mouse sitting on a slipper no.50075 with key, 14cm 30-40
6 A 19th Century Samson group of a shepherd, shepherdess and sheep raised on a rococo base 23cm 40-60
7 A 19th Century Sunderland lustre plaque "Thou God Seest me" 23cm 30-40
8 A pair of 19th Century Paris porcelain 2 handled vases decorated with panels of figures beneath an arcaded terrace with gilt mask handles, raised on claw feet 26cm 100-150
9 A pair of Swaziland Nowenta coloured glass bookends in the form of rhinoceros 10cm together with a Studio Glass horse 14cm 40-60
10 A Victorian green glass waisted decanter with silver collar 34cm, London 1897 40-60
11 A Paris porcelain jug decorated with a Continental harbour scene with boats and figures 20cm 50-75
12 A ceramic cornucopia in a gilt rams head holder, raised on a white marble base 22cm, the cornucopia and base are chipped 40-60
13 A pair of 19th Century Derby style figure groups of a lady and gentleman seated beneath a tree 22cm 100-150
14 A pair of Samson style figures - Asia and Africa, one with a camel at her feet, the other a lion, raised on rococo bases 22cm together with a similar of Europa 23cm 100-150
15 A 19th Century German table salt in the form of a gentleman wearing a satchell raised on a rococo base 22cm, ditto of a female fruit seller 23cm 30-40
16 A German figure of a gentleman holding aloft a basket of flowers on a rococo base 28cm, a ditto figure of a dancing couple 16cm 30-40
17 A 19th Century Chelsea Derby porcelain figure of John Milton standing beside a column with 3 stacked books and open scroll raised on a rococo base 29cm 100-150
18 A 19th Century Derby figure of the season Summer with a lady holding a sheaf of corn with a vase and cup at her base, raised on a rococo bottom, 36cm 100-150
19 A pair of Delft square candlesticks decorated with panels of boats and figures 23cm 50-70
20 A Lalique entwined heart paperweight - Cenorier Anna, etched marks 6cm, boxed 60-80
21 A Royal Doulton figure - Midienette HN2090 18cm 30-40
22 A Royal Doulton figure - Sweet Maid HN1504 20cm 100-150
23 A pair of Victorian Royal Worcester centre pieces in the form of shells supported by swans on floral bases 19cm 40-60
24 A Royal Copenhagen figure of a reclining mermaid 1212 20cm 40-60
25 A Royal Copenhagen squat vase decorated with butterflies and flowers 9cm, a squat ditto decorated with flowers 6cm 30-40