Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Thursday 2nd of December 2021

Lot No Description Est Image
801 After George Armfield, oils on canvas, a pair, unsigned, studies of terriers hunting 30cm x 39cm 100-150
802 Alan King, oil on canvas signed, "Anna's Toy Shop", label en verso Wiltshire Memories 2005 34cm x 44cm 80-120
803 Alan King, oil on canvas signed 1988, winter scene with figures before buildings in a village street 39cm x 50cm 100-150
804 Alan King, oil on canvas signed, inscribed on the reverse Supermarine Spitfire 1991 50cm x 76cm 400-600
805 Alan King, oil on canvas signed, "Knight Castle Great Western Railway, Castle Class Windsor Castle no.4082 Near Exeter, 4th August 1939" dated 1981 49cm x 75cm 150-200
806 Elizabeth Violet Blackadder, limited edition print, no.64 or 75 signed in pencil, depicting a tiger, snooker balls, geometric symbols and other images 50cm x 60cm 100-200
807 19th Century Continental oil on board, unsigned, a figure on horseback with cattle before a lake and distant hills 29cm x 50cm 80-120
808 Christian Eckardt, monogrammed and dated '73 (1832-1914), a harbour scene with fishing vessels 28cm x 47cm 400-600
809 John O Gilby, map "The Road From London to Yarmouth" with coloured detail 37cm x 47cm 50-100
810 (Ronald Carl) Giles (1916-1995) cartoon, signed by the artist and dated '67 26cm x 39cm 50-75
811 Edwardian watercolour unsigned, study of a seated girl with doll in a wicker chair before a fire 51cm x 35cm 40-60
812 Pieter Cornelis Steenhouwer (1896-1972), oil on canvas signed, Amsterdam Street Scene with figures 49cm x 39cm 100-200
813 Frederick Clifford Dixon (1902), watercolour signed, Oxfordshire? riverscape with punt and distant cattle 24cm x 39cm 50-75
814 19th Century, a description of the road from London to Norwich starting at Puckeridge in the Barwick Road, framed and mounted with both sides visible 39cm x 24cm 50-75
815 A 19th Century coastal map of the North of England to Scotland, plate no.5, coloured, 44cm x 28cm 50-75
816 Alan Tinsey 1977, oil on canvas, Cornish quayside scene 70cm x 90cm 50-75
817 Alexander George Fraser (1786-1865), oil on canvas signed, landscape in Perthshire, inscribed on verso no.1 Alex Fraser RSA 27 Castle Terrace 69cm x 90cm 500-700
818 19th Century Continental oil on canvas, unsigned, busy coastal town with figures and fishing vessels 58cm x 80cm (cleaned and relined) 200-300
819 Charles W Fothergill 1897, watercolour signed and dated, figures in a courtyard 25cm x 37cm 50-75
820 19th Century coloured print of figures in country gardens, indistinctly signed in scalloped frames 44cm x 44cm 65-85
821 Mathieu Blot, engraving, ladies before a window 24cm x 18cm 50-75
822 John Callow (1822-1878), oil on canvas unsigned, maritime coastal study with figures in fishing vessels and ships in the distance, the coast with windmills and distant church 69cm x 105cm (cleaned and relined) 1000-1500
823 Abraham Hulk Junior 1886 (1851-1922), oil on canvas, signed and dated, Betchworth Church and Underhill Farm near Dorking Surrey, 75cm x 126cm 400-600
824 A Watts, watercolour signed and dated 1903, extensive landscape with sheep and distant buildings 24cm x 51cm 50-75
825 Sir William Russell Flint (1880-1969), print, signed in pencil, study of Spanish ladies 49cm x 63cm 50-75