Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Thursday 2nd of December 2021

Lot No Description Est Image
560 Winston S Churchill, 1 volume "Lord Randolph Churchill" published by Odhams Press (New Edition 1951), signed Winston S Churchill, with paper dust cover (damage to dust cover) 300-500
666 Thirteen Giles annuals No.1 (slight tear to the front cover), No.2 (repair to the front cover) No.3 (cover missing), No.4 (slight tear to spine), No.5 (slight damage to spine) No.6, No.7 (slight water damage), two No.8 (1 with some creasing and writing to the inner page the other with damage), two No.9, No.10 (fold to front page) and a No.30 signed Best wishes Giles 50-75
668 John Everard, "Judgement of Paris" first published 1941, cloth cover (the cloth cover has some water rippling in places although the internal pages are unaffected) 70-90
739 John Farley, one volume "The London Art of Cookery" 9th edition, published by J Walker and J Whitaker 1880, leather bound 40-60