Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Thursday 2nd of December 2021

Lot No Description Est Image
551 J Lizars of Glasgow, a Tropical Challenge Dayspool camera with teak body and red bellows. Fitted a Beck Symmetrical Lens 150-200
552 A Thornton Pickard Ruby whole plate mahogany field camera, fitted burgundy chamfered bellows with a Dallmeyer No 3 Stigmatic Lens. Together with a canvas bag with 5 slides 150-200
553 A Houghton half plate "Triple Victo" field camera with Thornton Pickard roller blind shutter 80-120
554 A City Sale & Exchange Whole Plate Mahogany Field Camera with Ross rapid symmetrical lens 80-120
555 A Houghton "Triple Victo" half plate field camera, serial 9704, fitted an unbranded roller blind shutter with a Clement & Gilmer Paris Euryscope Anastigmat 7 x 5 f/6 lens 100-150
556 George Hare - a half plate mahogany tailboard camera with burgundy bellows, fitted a Thornton Pickard roller blind shutter with Perken Son & Rayment Rapid Rectilinear 7 x 5 Optimus lens. Makers mark of "6 Calthorpe Street, London" inferring 1876 onwards 300-500
557 J T Chapman, "The British" a mahogany full plate camera circa 1890's with Ross No 5 symmetrical lens (7") and Wray London (8 1/2 x 6 1/2) No. 2273 lens with pack of replacement f stops. Together with case and 3 plate holders 200-300
558 A 1930's, World War Two Japanese Company officers Shin Gunto (military sword), the blade 68cm long including copper collar, the Tsuba decorated blossoms and hearts with the o-seppas having pierced hearts, the Tang with 7 character mark and V-shaped file mark pattern, the standard bound pommel decorated blossoms with brown and blue dress knot attached to the buttcap, the scabbard of black lacquered wood with removable leather cover attached by two press studs 500-700
559 An early 19th Century Derbyshire fluorspar Blue John urn raised on an alabaster plinth in the Neoclassical style, the urn 44cm h x 33cm diam., the base 16cm h x 13cm x 13cm 800-1000
560 Winston S Churchill, 1 volume "Lord Randolph Churchill" published by Odhams Press (New Edition 1951), signed Winston S Churchill, with paper dust cover (damage to dust cover) 300-500
561 D Green, a Victorian cast iron doorstop 27cm h x 21cm w x 7cm d 40-60
577 A red and pink lacquered trinket box, the signed hinged lid inlaid branches and flowers 9cm h x 26cm w x 24cm d 30-40
578 A circular Chinese gilt metal bowl of squat form engraved court figures on a plain base 10cm x 33cm together with an embossed brass Turkish coffee pot 30cm x 14cm 30-40
579 A Victorian gilt painted cast iron doorstop in the form of a rampant lion 37cm h x 25cm w x 7cm d 30-50
580 A Victorian copper and iron 4 section stick/umbrella stand complete with drip tray 55cm h x 23cm w x 20cm d 40-60
581 A bronze figure group of Venus and Cupid, raised on a circular base 54cm h x 24cm diam. 200-300
582 A Victorian style brass 3 piece fireside companion set with poker, tongs and shovel 30-40
583 A brass door stop in the form of The Warwick Bear 35cm h x 24cm w 40-60
584 A pair of Chinese hardstone ornaments in the form of trees contained in rectangular hardstone pots 17cm h x 7cm w x 5cm d 50-75
585 A John Ball Motor-Car valve parts tin, a high grade assorted pen nibs tin, a shield shaped nib tin decorated portrait of Queen Alexandra and 2 other cardboard boxes 30-40
586 A pair of black and floral ground cloisonne enamel melon shaped pot pourris 12cm h x 9cm diam. 70-90
587 A 19th Century copper and brass dome shaped ice cream/jelly mould 13cm h x 12cm w 50-75
588 A 1930's Chinese rectangular gilt metal cigarette box, the top with pierced green hardstone plaque 4cm h x 11.5cm w x 9cm d together with a brass square casket with hinged lid 11cm x 10cm x 10cm 30-40
589 A Chinese carved bamboo scoop decorated a dragon 2cm x 10cm the base with signature, a 4 section stamp box 2cm x 11cm x 4cm, a carved wooden model of a lemon 7cm, ditto egg 5cm 30-50
590 A black plastic key fob for a Bentley 8, 6cm x 2cm 30-40