Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 14th of February 2007

Lot No Description Est Image
176 A 19th Century French gilt spelter clock decorated lady and gentleman gardener with trophies, having an enamelled dial and contained in an alabaster and gilt spelter case £100-150 -
177 A 17th/18th Century 30 hour striking longcase clock, the square brass dial with gilt metal spandrels and calendar aperture, by William Frinburne? of Alstone contained in a later oak case 81" £400-500 -
179 An aneroid barometer and thermometer contained in an oak wheel case with spiral turned decoration £10-20 -
180 An 18th Century 30 hour longcase clock, the 13" arch shaped dial painted a basket of flowers with birds and floral painted spandrels with calendar aperture, the dial marked Morrell? of Wrexham, contained in an oak case 79" £450-400 -
181 A 19th Century French cylinder music box playing 6 aires, the lid with cardboard card marked Fabrique De Geneve 1550 Elite Voix Celestes Etouffoirs en Acier Soit a Spiraux, contained in an inlaid rosewood case with hinged lid 21" £400-600 -
182 A 1930's barometer/storm guide by Short & Mason of London, with painted dial and contained in a walnut case 15", on bracket feet £50-75 ILLUSTRATED -
183 A 20th Century reproduction miniature time clock, the dial marked Lawrence & Lawrence Ltd London £40-60 -
184 A 20th Century French alarm clock with enamelled dial and Roman Numerals, marked Le Marais Paris and contained in a gilt case 3" £120-150 -
185 A 19th Century French 8 day striking mantel clock with enamelled dial and Arabic numerals contained in a gilt metal case £200-300 -
186 A French Art Deco alarm clock with square gilt dial and Arabic numerals contained in a green marble case 4" £50-75 -
187 A 19th Century fusee skeleton clock with silvered dial and Roman numerals, complete with glass dome £200-300 ILLUSTRATED -
188 A 19th Century French 8 day striking clock, surmounted by a gilt spelter figure of a seated lady depicting The Harvest 16" £100-150 -
189 A Rolling Ball clock (The Congreve Clock) by Thwaites & Reed, limited edition number 15 of 100, contained with in a glazed case £600-800 ILLUSTRATED -
190 A 1930's Smith's electric clock £10-20 -
191 A 19th Century cylinder music box with 6" barrel, contained in a rosewood case, 13" £100-150 -
192 A Smith's 8 day ward room clock with painted dial, contained in a brass case 8" £50-75 -
193 An Admiral Fitzroy barometer, contained in an oak case £1000-1500 ILLUSTRATED -
194 An 18th Century 8 day striking long case clock, the 12" arch shaped dial with phases of the moon, minute indicator and calendar aperture by Richard Holt of Newark, contained in an inlaid mahogany case 82" £1000-1500 ILLUSTRATED -
195 An 18th Century single handed 30 hour longcase clock movement with bird cage movement, the 10" square dial marked John Muzzel Horsham £300-500 -
196 A 19th Century French 8 day clock with enamelled dial and Roman numerals contained in a white marble case, the pendulum in the form of a cherub swinging from a swing, the movement marked Chappement Brevets £200-300 ILLUSTRATED -
197 A 20th Century battery operated carriage clock with enamelled dial and Roman numerals by Weiss, contained in a gilt metal case £10-20 -
198 A handsome 19th Century French 8 day striking clock contained in a marble balloon shaped case with gilt metal mounts throughout, the porcelain dial marked A Illranco Leforestier Hr Paris £400-600 -
199 A large clam shell 33" £200-300 ILLUSTRATED -
200 A cast bronze bell dated 1926 and marked Jemenomme Marie Therese (cracked and with replacement loop) 16" £200-300 -
201 A stock book of cigarette cards: Wills Part sets including large Dogs, Miniature Playing Cards and others. £10-£20 -