Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 17th of February 2010

Lot No Description Est Image
176 A Swiss clock contained in a wooden propeller boss marked C166 AD 644 RH AIR Sopwith F1 D2590 P2650 TRACTOR £50-75 ILLUSTRATED -
177 A 19th Century French 8 day carriage clock with Roman numerals contained in a gilt metal case £175-225 -
178 A 19th Century striking mantel clock with painted dial and Roman numerals contained in an arch shaped case £30-50 ILLUSTRATED -
179 An Art Nouveau aneroid barometer and thermometer with porcelain dial by Benetrink & Co, Cheapside London, contained in an oak wheel case (glass cracked) £5-15 -
180 A 19th Century American striking 30 hour wall clock by the Newhaven Clock Company contained in a wooden case, door painted a scene with a noble house £30-50 -
181 A 19th Century Continental striking wall clock contained in a carved walnut case, the base fitted a thermometer and barometer £40-60 ILLUSTRATED -
182 A reproduction American Empire style wall clock with silvered dial and Arabic numerals contained in an inlaid mahogany case, surmounted by a gilt figure of an eagle 10" (f) £30-50 ILLUSTRATED -
183 An 8 day wall clock with silvered dial by Smiths contained in a model wooden ships wheel £5-10 -
184 An 18th Century 30 hour longcase clock, the 11" square dial painted spandrels with shield to centre with calendar aperture contained in an oak case 72" £200-300 ILLUSTRATED -
185 A 1930's chiming mantel clock contained in an oak Admiral's hat shaped case £15-25 -
186 A 19th Century "regulator" the 7" circular enamelled dial with Roman numerals and contained in a rosewood case with spiral turned decoration to the side £50-100 -
187 A 1930's mantel clock with silvered dial and Roman numerals contained in an arch shaped oak case £15-25 -
188 A 1930's reproduction 17th Century style lantern clock by Davall contained in a gilt metal case 7" £30-50 -
189 A curious 18th/19th Century Continental glass and pewter oil clock £100-150 -
190 An aneroid barometer with silvered dial contained in a circular carved walnut case 8" £20-30 -
191 A microscope by F E Becker & Co London no. 1372 contained in a wooden case £50-75 -
193 An octagonal iron hanging lantern £20-30 -