Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 26th of February 2014

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A set of 3 graduated Losol Ware jugs decorated in the Shang Hai pattern 30-60
2 A Doulton Lambeth tobacco jar and cover decorated with flowers 5" and a ditto harvest jug 7" 20-40
3 A collection of crested items 15-25
4 A 19th Century faience waisted baluster vase and cover,the finial in the form of a seated gentleman, the body with scroll handles and panels of flowers and a mother and child in a country garden, f, 13" 20-40
5 2 Studio glass paperweights etched with an otter and ducks 15-20
6 A 19th Century Continental porcelain club shaped scent bottle with floral decoration 4", crack to rim, 5-10
7 A Nao figure of Don Quixote (lacking sword) 15" 15-20
8 A Lladro figure of a seated harlequin 15" 30-60
9 A 19th Century Staffordshire figure group standing beside a clock 14" and 4 19th Century plates 15-25
10 A Royal Doulton figure - Elegance HN2264 8" 10-20
11 3 Royal Copenhagen bisque plaques of classical figures 5" 15-20
12 A Bohemian flash glass bowl, a bulbous ditto and 7 other items 15-20
13 A Clarice Cliff Bizarre crocus bowl 8" and 2 ditto bowls with geometric decoration 10" 70-100
14 A 19th Century Austrian blue and gilt cabinet plate with pierced rim and panel of classical figures 10" and a Continental pink ground ditto with landscape panels 10" 30-40
15 A Continental 1930's figure of a lady and two Wedgwood two colour plates 25-45
16 A set of 4 Saddler's brown glazed storage jars in the form of Chinamen 40-60
17 A 1960's Russian figure of a bear standing on a wheel 5" and 2 ditto figures of deer 25-35
18 A Royal Doulton shallow bowl, the tan glaze with stylised flowers, impressed Lord Desborough Lodge no.3200 9" (f) 15-20
19 A Royal Doulton figure - Tinkerbell HN1677 5" 20-40
20 A 19th Century Masons ironstone jug with serpent handle 13" (f) 20-40
21 A Lladro figure of a Japanese lady holding a fan on a faux hardwood base 13" 50-100
22 A Lladro figure of a Japanese lady holding a parasol and a fan on a raised faux hardwood stand 14" 50-100
23 A Nao figure group of a courting couple seated on a rocky outcrop 16" 50-100
24 A 19th Century Toby jug in the form of a seated gentleman holding a jug of ale 9" and 2 others 8" and 5" 30-50
25 A collection of cabinet cups and saucers 20-30