Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 28th of February 2018

Lot No Description Est Image
26 A rummer with chased decoration of a sea serpent 15cm together with 3 green, 1 blue and 2 clear eye glasses and a glass match striker 24-44
27 A Murano millefiori glass shade 15cm 30-40
28 A Royal Worcester Goldfinch candle snuffer 9cm together with a Worcester paperweight in the form of a rabbit in Imari blue 10cm 28-48
29 Two Swarovski Crystal figures of Walt Disney rabbits 5cm 50-80
30 A Swarovski Crystal Kangaroo and Roo 5.5cm, a do. beaver 5cm, a Siamese cat with necklace 6cm, a kitten 4cm and a dog 5cm 50-80
31 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweight in the form of a Bengal tiger with silver stopper, 13cm, boxed 50-75
32 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweight in the form of a water buffalo with gold stopper 12cm, boxed 40-60
33 A 19th Century coloured twist glass crook 140cm 30-50
34 A Royal Worcester blush porcelain jug no.1094 13cm, a Royal Worcester baluster vase decorated with fruits no. 241 7cm, 2 Maling bowls decorated with flowers 6024 and 6585 8cm 40-60
35 A Copenhagen figure of a girl with teddy bear 14cm and a Royal Doulton figure Nan no.1 17cm 30-50
36 A collection of Beswick Beatrix Potter figures - Mr Alderman Ptolemy 9cm, Mr Jackson 7cm, Jemima Puddle Duck 11cm, Samual Whiskers 8.5cm, Old Mr Brown 9cm, Mrs Rabbit and Bunnies 10cm, Aunt Pettitoes 10cm, Timmy Tiptoes 9cm, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail 7cm and Benjamin Bunny 10cm 40-60
37 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern plate no.1128 27cm 40-60
38 A Royal Crown Derby gilt decorated plate "Gold Aves" A1235 21cm 28-48
39 A Meissen dish with gilt decoration and panels of spring flowers 29cm 30-50
40 A Lladro figure of a lady standing, holding a parcel and a parasol 36cm 40-60
41 Two Royal Doulton figures Priscilla HN1340 20cm and Honey HNB1909 17cm 30-50
42 Two Royal Doulton figures Marguerite HN1928 21cm and Roseanna HN1926 21.5cm 30-50
43 Two Royal Doulton figures Suzette HN1487 19cm and Windflower HN1763 19cm 30-50
44 A collection of Beswick Beatrix Potter figures Hunca Munca 7cm, Miss Moppett 7.5cm, Little Pig Robinson 9cm (chipped ear), Sally Penny 10cm, Tailor of Gloucester 9cm, Mr Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit 10cm, Simpkin 10cm, Ginger 9cm, Ribby 9cm (chipped base), Mrs Rabbit 10cm, Peter Rabbit 12cm and Mrs Tittlemouse 9cm 40-60
45 A Samson armorial plate within a geometric border 23cm, a do. 24cm and 1 other 9cm together with a later Spode armorial plate decorated with the arms of the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers 23cm 40-60
46 Three Hummel figures - boy with pig in basket and umbrella 198 13cm, Little Sweeper 12cm and another boy with pig in basket and umbrella 198 12cm 28-38
47 Three Goebel figures - The Log Sheep 68/0 14cm, a Chorister no.129 14cm and 1 other boy singer 28-38
48 A Beswick figure of a standing elephant with trunk stretching forward no. 974 modelled by Arthur Gredington 12.1 cm, a similar elephant unmarked 9cm 30-50
49 A Beswick figure of a pig Champion Wall Queen 7cm together with a John Beswick figure Norman Thelwell child on a pony 11cm 40-60
50 A Beswick figure of a highland bull modelled by Arthur Gredington no. 2008 12.7cm 50-80