Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 13th of February 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
401 20th Century oil on canvas, indistinctly signed, foothills of The Himalayas 66cm by 92cm 150-200
402 David Shepherd (1931 - 2017) coloured print, signed in pencil, limited edition no.14/850 "Highland Cattle" 40cm x 76cm, labels en verso 50-80
403 M U Sears, coloured engraving "Brighton New Church" dedicated to St Peter, 21cm x 32cm 30-50
404 Jack Carter 1978 (1912 - 1992) watercolour, still life study of roses 37cm x 31cm 100-150
405 A pair of 19th Century oils on glass of jockeys and horses in rural settings 27cm x 37cm 100-150
406 A Chinese silk embroidery of horses drinking from a river 33cm x 79cm 100-150
407 John Hamilton Glass SSA (1820-1885), watercolour, signed, "Evening Buckhaven" 34cm x 51cm 50-100
408 Amy C Reeve-Fowkes (1886-1968), watercolour, study of a statue before flowers, signed 28cm x 28cm 40-60
409 Map, Herman Moll, coloured map of Staffordshire with coloured borders and archeological and monument studies to the border 32cm x 20cm together with a mapy by Kitchen of Cumberland with coloured borders 21cm x 17cm 30-50
410 Pieter Cornelis Steenhouwer (1896-1972), oil on panel signed, a Continental riverscape with a boat moored beside a cottage with figures 19cm x 24cm 50-100
411 Florence Mackay 1916 (1860-1930), watercolour, a lady with geese beside a thatched cottage 19.5cm x 26.5cm 100-150
412 W M Kale, 1897, watercolours signed, studies of Tenby, a pair, 17cm x 25cm 30-50
413 A 19th Century print, study of huntsmen and hounds in extensive landscape 12cm x 18cm 30-40
414 Pieter Cornelis Steenhouwer (1896-1972), oils on board, a pair, signed, Dutch winterscapes with figures before buildings 18cm x 24cm 100-150
415 Norman Wilkinson (1878-1971) etching, signed in pencil, maritime study 33cm x 33cm 40-60
416 J H C, print of a fisherman 28cm x 19cm 40-60
417 Vera Goodwin, oil on canvas signed, moonlit study with figures and boats before a windmill, 17cm x 25cm 40-60
418 An Edwardian watercolour, unsigned, figures beside a lake with mountains in the distance, unsigned 14cm x 34cm 30-50
419 Edwardian watercolours, a pair, unsigned, Continental riverscapes with figures and buildings, 26.5cm x 35.5cm 100-150
420 An oil painting on canvas, unsigned, Madonna Della Seggiola after Luigi Bardi, Mary embracing the child Christ while the young John The Baptist watches, unframed 75cm x 75cm 50-100
421 Victorian oil on canvas, unsigned, portrait study of a gentleman 75cm x 62cm 80-120
422 Tom Linson, watercolour, signed, desert scene with figures and camels 24cm x 60cm 60-80
423 Bowring, 3.4.29, watercolour, Industrial Thames scene with Battersea power station, 25cm x 34cm 50-75
424 W Carlisle Baillie (act. 1887 - 1920) watercolour, signed, market street scene with figures before an archway 16cm x 14cm 50-80
425 D A Bannerman December 11 1873, watercolour, signed, maritime study in choppy seas 29cm x 46cm 40-60