Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 13th of February 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Coral Firs tapered vase no.572, 10cm printed marks and capital S to base 80-120
2 A Waterford Crystal ovoid night light shade and column base 27cm 50-75
3 A Royal Doulton figure - Sweet and Twenty HN1298 14cm 30-40
4 Three Royal Doulton figures - Daffy Down Dilly HN1712 20cm, Lady Charmian HN1949 20cm and Mrs Fitzherbert HN2007 23cm 40-60
5 Three Royal Doulton figures - Mary Had a Little Lamb HN2048 9cm, River Boy HN2128 10cm and Lavinia HN1955 13cm 30-50
6 A Royal Worcester figure - June 3466 16cm and a Hammersley miniature tea set comprising tray, teapot, sugar bowl, cream jug, tea cup and tea saucer 30-40
7 Four Coalport pastel burners - The Summer House 11cm, Umbrella House 13cm, The Master's House 11cm and Village Church 15cm 40-60
8 A 1930's Carlton Ware ribbed jug "Night Oak" with printed mark no.794856, 36cm 100-150
9 A modern Moorcroft squat vase, green ground with flowers 9cm, a Sylvac pickle dish, a Carlton Ware leaf plate and a Royal Winton sandwich plate 30-40
10 A Royal Doulton figure - Lunchtime HN2485 21cm 30-40
11 A Royal Copenhagen figure of a boy whittling 905 19cm 30-40
12 A William Moorcroft shallow bowl decorated with pomegranates with impressed and monogram marks 20cm 100-150
13 A Royal Copenhagen figure of a goose girl no.528 19cm 30-50
14 Three Royal Doulton figures - The Old Balloon Seller HN2129 9cm, Silks and Ribbons HN2107 14cm and Biddy Pennyfarthing HN1843 21cm 40-50
15 A Royal Copenhagen figure of a milkmaid 7799 17cm 30-40
16 A Lladro figure of a lady using a telephone with a Dalmatian at her feet 5466 20cm 30-40
17 A LLadro figure of a young lady with a mop and 3 kittens at her feet 5232 22cm 30-40
18 Four Royal Worcester bird figures Goldfinch 3239 5cm, Goldcrest 3338 6cm, Goldfinch 3239 5cm and Wood Warbler 3200 8cm together with a Royal Crown Derby figure Long Tailed Tit 15cm 30-50
19 Two Royal Worcester figures Red Crest 2667 16cm and Canary 2665 16cm 30-50
20 Two Royal Crown Derby birds Woodpecker 17cm and King Fisher 14cm, together with a Royal Worcester Thrush 3234 13cm 26-36
21 A Royal Doulton figure - Vanessa HN1838 18cm 100-130
22 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweight in the form of a seated cat with gold stopper 14cm 30-40
23 A Royal Doulton figure - The Bride HN1600 22cm 100-140
24 A Nao figure of a lady standing beside a plinth with a ewer 35cm, ditto of a girl in a yellow dress 26cm, ditto boy 27cm, goose 23cm, girl with hat 23cm, a seated ballerina 17cm and two boys 24cm 60-80
25 A Beswick figure of a huntsman on horseback with brown gloss finish 21cm together with 4 hounds 90-120