Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 13th of February 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
26 A Royal Crown Derby figure Golden Oriole 21cm, 2 Royal Staffordshire figures - Oriol 26 by J T Jones 15cm and Bee Eater 17 by J T Jones 18cm 40-60
27 Two Crown Staffordshire figures - Cardinal by J T Jones 13cm and a Macaw 20cm 30-40
28 A Wedgwood paperweight in the form of an elephant 10cm, 2 glass paperweights in the form of toadstools and a ditto of a bird 30-40
29 A Beswick figure of a huntswoman on horseback by Artur Gradington model no. 1730 in rocking horse grey, gloss finish, 21cm 120-150
30 A William Moorcroft shallow bowl, the blue ground decorated with orchids, impressed and signature marks with attached label 23cm 70-100
31 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern otter paperweight with gold stopper 7cm 40-50
34 Two Swarovski Crystal swans 6cm and 3cm, a ditto penguin 3cm and 6 buildings, boxed 30-50
35 An 18th Century English Delft plate decorated with a parrot amongst trees enclosed in a floral border 23cm 50-75
36 A 19th Century Continental scallop tazza with gilt decoration and panels of figures 10cm 30-50
37 A 19th Century cut glass compote and cover raised on a square base 19cm together with 4 cut glass table salts 30-40
38 A19th Century Dutch Delft scallop dish with centre armorial enclosed by flowers 27cm together with a Delft bowl with landscape view 12cm 40-60
39 A Bing and Grondahl dish decorated with a seagull 9cm, a Royal Copenhagen squat vase decorated with flowers 28001259 6cm and 2 Royal Copenhagen table salts 706 4cm 30-40
40 A Royal Copenhagen baluster vase decorated with flowers 5357 22cm, a ditto oviform vase decorated with pansies 7097 13cm and a Bing and Grondahl decorated with seagulls 13cm 40-60
41 A Lladro group of 2 ballet dancers 18cm 30-40
42 A Royal Copenhagen figure of a boy with calf 18cm 30-40
44 A Royal Copenhagen figure of a wren 8cm no. 1081, ditto of a trout 1602 11cm 30-40
45 A Compton Pottery tile plaque of a kneeling figure with impressed mark 19cm x 12cm 100-150
46 A 20th Century glass sculpture in the form of a dragon with a ball in his mouth 25cm 30-50
47 A Royal Copenhagen figure of a girl 1251 19cm 30-50
48 A Lladro figure of a young lady holding a basket of puppies 25cm 30-50
49 A Lladro group of a standing youth and a kneeling girl feeding a lamb 27cm 50-75
50 A 12 piece coffee set of cups and saucers decorated with a view of the sphinx in original fitted box 30-50
51 A Royal Worcester coffee set the black ground with turquoise and gilt key pattern decoration comprising 6 coffee cups and saucers together with 6 silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1931, in a fitted case 100-150
53 A Lladro figure of a swan 20cm, a Nao figure of a goose 30cm, 1 other 15cm and an owl 17cm 40-60
54 Four Goebel birds - a great spotted woodpecker 17cm, a kingfisher on a branch 17cm, a waxwing 17cm and 2 birds on a branch 13cm 30-50