Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 23rd of January 2008

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A 19th Century oak drop flap gateleg dining table raised on square supports 38" £30-50 -
2 A 19th Century mahogany bow front sideboard fitted 1 long drawer flanked by a short drawer and cupboard, raised on square tapering supports 48" £50-75 -
3 A curious Edwardian mahogany work box, with hinged lid and glass panelled interior 15" £20-30 -
4 A carved oak court cupboard, the upper section fitted triple cupboard, the base fitted 1 long and 2 short drawers above a triple cupboard, raised on square supports 60" £350-450 -
5 A Victorian ebonised 3 tier what-not, the base fitted a 3 division Canterbury 18" £50-75 -
6 A 19th Century inlaid French walnut escritoire/cocktail cabinet, fitted 1 long drawer with fall front, inlaid flowers, having gilt metal embellishments and raised on cabriole supports 38" £100-150 -
7 A Victorian circular mahogany Loo table, raised on a turned column and tripod base 50" £200-300 -
8 A 19th Century mahogany pole screen with Berlin wool work panel £35-45 -
9 A 19th Century lacquered 3 tier etagere with pierced brass gallery, fitted a drawer raised on cabriole supports 23" (requires some attention) £50-75 -
10 An 18th/19th Century oak bow front hanging corner cabinet with moulded cornice, fitted adjustable shelves enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, 33" £150-200 -
11 A set of 6 18th/19th Century Country elm stick and bar back dining chairs with solid seats, raised on turned supports £100-150 -
12 A Victorian mahogany inverted break front chiffonier with raised back, the base fitted a cupboard flanked by 6 long drawers with tore handles, raised on a platform base 71" £200-300 -
13 A 19th Century mahogany chest of 2 short and 2 long drawers with brass ring neck drop handles, raised on bracket feet 32" £75-125 ILLUSTRATED -
14 A 19th Century circular mahogany snap top tea table 32" £80-120 -
15 A Continental pine combination cabinet, the interior fitted shelves enclosed by a panelled door flanked by 5 drawers 37" £250-300 -
16 A Victorian mahogany chiffonier with raised back, the base fitted a drawer above a double cupboard, raised on a platform base 42" £125-175 -
17 A 19th/20th Century Georgian style oak dresser the raised back fitted a drawer with cornice and 3 shelves, the base fitted 3 short drawers above 3 long drawers, flanked by a pair of cupboards 60" £250-350 -
18 A set of 3 Edwardian walnut dining chairs with carved rail backs and bobbin decoration, raised on turned supports with upholstered seats £5-10 -
19 An Edwardian ebonised envelope card table, the base fitted a drawer, raised on cabriole supports 22" £50-75 -
20 An Edwardian walnut bow front sideboard fitted 3 drawers flanked by double cupboards, raised on cabriole supports 71" £20-30 -
21 An African Georgian style oval hard wood breakfast table, raised on a pillar and tripod support 54" £80-120 -
22 A Victorian mahogany inverted breakfront pedestal sideboard, fitted 1 drawer flanked by a pair of cupboards 74" £200-250 -
23 A slate based quarter size billiard table, raised on 4 turned chamfered mahogany feet 65" x 36" £200-250 -
24 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany dressing table fitted 1 long drawer flanked by a pair of cupboards, raised on square tapering supports ending in brass caps and castors 48" £125-175 -
25 An Edwardian walnut buffet £50-75 -