Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 23rd of January 2013

Lot No Description Est Image
220 A Cortina car badge, a Supreme badge, a belt buckle, a Welsh plaque and 1 other badge 20-30
248 A rectangular Pears Soap enamelled advertising sign - Pears Soap for Mothers and Babies Too 21" x 14" 40-60
250 A set of 4 Paramount Pictures posters for Deep Space Nine, framed and glazed 16" x 23" 100-150
263 An oval glass advertising sign for Southdown Booking Agents, 16", slight chips to rim 50-75
325 A rectangular cast aluminium sign marked Pennsylvania 12" 10-20
355 An AA beehive radiator car badge 10-20
362 A bus conductors ticket bar together with a bus drivers badge marked M39796 30-50
365 A Victorian letter box/door knocker decorated a bat, the reverse marked A Kenrick & Sons, an iron door knob and gilt metal pen tray 20-30
444 A Nicholas model of a 1770 cricket bat 12" together with a Nicholas Extra Special cricket bat 12" and a black and white photograph of a cricketer signed Nick 1934 10-20
453 A collection of early black and white photographs and a collection of cruise ship menus 20-30
458 A Victorian scrap album 30-50
469 An album containing various black and white photographs 20-30
500 A collection of vintage tins 10-20
503 A red signed Everlast boxing glove, formerly part of the collection of John Redfern signed by Leon Spinks, Carmen Basilio, Tony De Marco, Sandy Saddler, 14 other ex boxers and John Amos - star of Roots, framed and glazed 250-300
509 A collection of monochrome prints/photos 20-30
510 A black and white photograph of an Edwardian South African Street Scene and 2 other photographs showing WWI damage to buildings 11" x 17" 15-20
522 2 Victorian leather bound photograph albums 25-35
524 A collection of early photographs 25-35
525 A Victorian black and white photograph of a seated family 7" oval contained in a decorative gilt frame, a circular embroidered panel decorated a rose in a mahogany frame, a coloured photograph of a horse race 6" x 9 1/2", an Agricultural Society certificate in an oak frame 7" x 9 1/2" and a framed piece of an Antique silk Kimono 4" x 3 1/2" 20-30