Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 16th of January 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
1 An early 20th Century studio pottery ewer and cover in the form of an owl sitting on a trunk, raised on a circular base 25cm 50-75
2 A pair of 19th Century Meissen plates decorated with a fete gallant scene and riders on horseback enclosed in a floral gilt border, printed and impressed marks 22cm 50-75
3 A 19th Century Samson style rectangular tea caddy decorated with spring flowers and insects 10cm 40-60
4 A Schwarz porcelain figure of a member of ground crew of the Royal Air Force 1939-1945 "The Immortal ERK" no. 197/350, 34cm boxed 60-90
5 A modern Moorcroft bottle vase, the green ground decorated with daffodils with impressed and printed marks 23cm 80-120
6 A pair of Victorian opalescent glass oviform vases decorated with flowers and scroll decoration 26cm 30-40
7 A Nao figure of a goose 23cm and a ditto girl holding her hat 23cm 24-34
8 A Lladro matt figure of a standing monk 33cm 24-34
9 A Royal Doulton figure - The Balloon Seller HN 583 22cm 120-160
10 A Nao figure of a yellow glazed girl 26cm, ditto boy in his night shirt 27cm 24-34
11 A Nao figure of a goose 30cm, a ditto 15cm and an owl 17cm 24-34
12 A Makkum Pottery oviform tobacco jar decorated Kentucky 25cm 40-60
13 A Nao figure of a seated ballerina 17cm, ditto of two boys playing 24cm 24-34
14 A Royal Doulton figure - The Bride HN1600 22cm 120-160
15 A Shelley Aesthetic baluster vase decorated butterflies, 12 cm h 30-40
16 A pair of Karl Ens figures of parakeets on rocky bases 34cm 100-150
17 A Beswick standing fox no. 1016A 14cm, red brown and white gloss, together with a ditto bull (chipped ear) 11cm and a Russian figure of a mink 14cm 30-40
18 A Royal Doulton figure - Vanessa HN1838 18cm 120-160
19 A Royal Doulton figure - Carpet Seller HN1464 23cm 80-120
20 A Lladro figure of a swan 20cm 24-34
21 A Nao figure of a lady standing beside a plinth with a ewer 35cm 24-34
22 Six Swarovski Classic models - cactus, radio, sewing machine, film camera, microscope, camera and bell together with 3 crystal figures - cat, yacht and birthday cake, 8 boxed 50-70
23 A Murano figure of a female dancer 31cm together with a ditto coupe 30-40
24 A Troika St Ives Pottery cylindrical vase with geometric decoration on a brown ground decorated by Marilyn Pasco 16cm 30-50
25 An Art Deco Shelley oviform vase decorated with wide bands of orange and yellow 985 23cm, a ditto jug 20cm 40-60