Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 10th of July 2013

Lot No Description Est Image
901 A handsome pair of silver plated Corinthian column table lamps on square stepped bases 24"h 180-220
902 An Edwardian oval silver plated twin handled galleried tea tray 24" 50-75
903 A pair of silver plated Empire style table lamps raised on triform bases 24" 80-120
904 A pair of 19th Century Rococo style silver plated candlesticks with detachable sconces 10" 60-90
905 A silver 3 vase epergne, raised on a spreading foot, Birmingham 1924, 11" 70-100
906 A pair of silver backed military hair brushes Birmingham 1913 10-20
907 A silver twin handled trophy cup, raised on a spreading foot Birmingham 1929, 8 ozs 80-120
908 A Victorian engraved silver salver, the rim cast grapes, raised on 3 pierced panel supports, Sheffield 1839, 21 ozs, foot repaired ILLUSTRATED 250-350
909 A rectangular planished Mexican silver cigarette box with hinged lid marked 925 30-50
910 2 silver napkin rings with engine turned decoration 1 ozs 15-20
911 A silver and onyx ashtray in the form of a Portico marked Grosvenor House 30-50
913 A carved ivory elephant together with a camel 3.5" 30-50
914 A 19th Century Japanese carved ivory Okimono of a standing man with bird 4.5", base signed and 1 other of a gardener, the base with red seal mark 50-100
915 An Edwardian shaped silver dressing table tray embossed Reynolds Angels, slightly torn, 5 ozs 40-60
916 A circular modern silver bottle coaster with millennium hallmark, 2 silver napkin ring, a silver butter knife, a Victorian silver fiddle pattern mustard spoon Newcastle 1870, 6 silver handled tea knives 30-50
917 A lady's silver and gold mounted oval shaped vanity bag, the rim set sapphires by Gucci 350-450
918 A silver twin handled pedestal bowl raised on a spreading foot, London 1929 22 ozs ILLUSTRATED 250-350
919 A Victorian reeded silver candlestick with Corinthian column capital on a stepped base 11", marks rubbed 120-180
920 An Art Deco circular silver plated pedestal dish, Birmingham 1935 with Jubilee hallmark by Walker & Hall 3 ozs 30-50
921 A pair of embossed silver plated candlesticks with detachable sconces 10" 30-50
922 A pair of silver backed military hairbrushes with engine turned decoration Birmingham 1962, cased 30-50
923 A cut glass ships decanter and stopper with silver collar, London 1982 30-50
924 An embossed Eastern white metal silver backed hand mirror 30-50
925 A rectangular onyx Betjeman's patent cigarette box with hinged lid 7" 40-60
926 6 silver plated brandy saucepans by Dibdin of Sloane Street 20-30