Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 16th of July 2014

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A pair of early 19th Century Continental blue and white urn shaped vases with splayed foot, decorated with panels of figures in rural settings and sprays of flowers, with applied rustic handles and flower head terminals 6" 80-120
2 A 1970's Studio purple glass vase with bubble base engraved Tapio Wirkkala 11 1/4" 50-75
3 A 1970's Val.St.Lambert freeform baluster vase with a band of decoration 7 1/4" 25-45
4 A Rosenthal baluster vase with blue and gilt floral decoration 10" 15-25
5 A Royal Worcester Hadley Ware 2 handled oviform vase, the green and gilt ground decorated with pheasants on a branch 5" 30-60
6 A 19th Century Meissen figure of a lady sitting at a piano on a Rococo stool with a raised base 5" 50-80
7 A 19th Century English blue and white leaf shaped pickle dish 20-30
8 A 19th Century Wedgwood green Jasper cheese dish and cover decorated with a panel of classical figures and cherubs 9" 50-100
9 3 early 20th Century Dresden leaf shaped dishes decorated with floral sprays and gilt borders with rustic handles 10" 50-75
10 A Burleighware Pied Piper jug 8" 30-50
11 A Royal Doulton commemorative beaker Victory and Peace 1919 4", a pair of Doulton Slater flattened oviform vases decorated with flowers 5" 20-40
12 A Continental figure of a bird on a rustic base 7", a ditto 4" 30-40
13 A Doulton Silicon barrel tobacco jar and cover with blue and white floral decoration 5 1/2", a Royal Doulton squat oviform vase with gilt floral decoration 4" and a ditto cylindrical vase with spread foot 7 1/2 30-60
14 A 19th Century Bacchanalian mask jug 4" and 2 other items 60-90
14 A Royal Doulton match holder striker 5", a ditto bulbous match striker holder 4", a ditto baluster vase 3" and a blue and gilt pot 40-60
15 A 19th Century treacle glazed pepperette in the form of a crouching gentleman with lowered trousers 4", a novelty miniature chamber pot 15-20
16 A pair of late 19th Century Meissen blue and white 2 handled bowls decorated with stylised fruits and flowers with rustic handles and floral terminals 9", a ditto pierced plate with floral decoration 9" 50-75
17 A 19th Century German gilt decorated porcelain figure of a lady seated at a spinning wheel with a kitten beside her 9" (f) 120-160
18 A Dartington crystal ice bucket 8", 3 other items 15-25
19 A Waterford Crystal table timepiece in the form of a longcase clock 5 1/2" 10-20
20 5 Wade piggy money banks 30-60
21 A pair of Maling blue ground cylindrical vases with gilt rims decorated with exotic birds and butterflies beneath a trail of flowers 10" 50-80
22 A Troika wheel vase with inscribed decoration, signed 4" 50-75
23 A Royal Doulton series ware Oliver Twist jug 5" 15-25
24 A pair of early 20th Century Continental figures of a couple on raised Rococo bases 5" 25-35