Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 1st of July 2015

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A good 19th Century Meissen figure of a seated Terrier with open mouth, impressed and under glazed marks 8 1/2"h 300-500
2 A Charlotte Rhead polychrome baluster ribbed vase decorated with flowers and Autumn leaves, 672, 8"h 100-200
3 A Royal Doulton oviform vase decorated with a shepherd and flock in landscape 5 1/2" 30-50
4 A pair of 19th Century Mansion House dwarfs 5 1/2" and 6" 100-200
5 A rare early 19th Century creamware commemorative dish - Long Live Queen Caroline, the blue transfer enclosed in a formal scrolling floral border 7 1/2" 100-150
6 An early 19th Century Staffordshire polychrome commemorative jug decorated with portraits in relief Marquis Wellington and General Hill 5" 150-250
7 A creamware transfer print George III and Queen Caroline commemorative pint mug - A King Revered a Queen Beloved, 6" 100-200
8 An 18th Century transfer print commemorative jug - To the memory of his late Majesty King George IV, 6" 40-80
9 An early 19th Century Napoleonic transfer print commemorative jug - The Governor of Europe in his Career 5 1/2" 50-100
10 A 19th Century English transfer print commemorative jug with oval portrait panels of Wellington surrounded by battle honours, 7" 100-200
11 An early 19th Century Staffordshire commemorative reform jug with purple transfer print decoration 5" 50-80
12 An early 19th Century porcelain commemorative jug depicting Sir Francis Burdett 5 1/2" 50-100
13 A 19th Century Staffordshire transfer print commemorative jug - Royal Ascent to the Reform Bill of June 1838 5" 50-100
14 An early 19th Century transfer print commemorative mug - Wellington as Prime Minister 3 1/2" together with a Nelson commemorative mug with transfer decoration 3 1/5" 50-100
15 An early 19th Century creamware transfer print commemorative Napoleonic plate 9", a ditto in memoriam plate J Mitchell Coal Owner died Jay 24 1876 8 1/2" 20-40
16 A 19th Century Staffordshire transfer print bowl - Grace Darling The Northumbrian heroine born November 24th 1815 died October 20th 1842 4 1/2" 50-100
17 A Victorian commemorative moulded jug - Sir Robert Peel and R Cobden MP, Repeal of Corn Bill 5" 30-50
18 A Princess Charlotte mourning tea cup and saucer, a Victorian commemorative dish, a Great Exhibition mug together with a dish and a transfer print commemorative tea cup and saucer 100-150
19 An 18th Century English blue and white fluted tea bowl 3 1/2", minor 18th Century teaware 30-50
20 An early 19th Century English quatrefoil teapot with floral decoration 10" together with an ensuite stand 7 1/2" and an 18th Century English bulbous teapot with floral decoration 50-80
21 A 20th Century Continental tureen in the form of a seated rabbit encrusted with flowers and having a lemon finial 14" 40-80
22 A pair of Royal Doulton waisted vases, the blue ground with cornucopia and swags 4" 20-40
23 3 20th Century German figures of soldiers on horseback 10" 40-80
24 A Russian figure of a bear standing on a wheel 5 1/2", 2 Russian figures of birds and a reclining foal 20-40
25 An Edwardian etched glass 4 section epergne with a wavy topped base 20-40