Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A Samson porcelain figure of a lady playing a mandolin with a lamb at her feet in front of a floral bocage raised on a Rococo base 22cm 50-100
3 A Lladro figure of a young boy holding a puppy, for the Lladro Collectors Society 1989, 21cm 30-50
5 A Lladro figure of a standing polar bear cub 11cm 30-50
7 A Lladro figure of a seated angel 10cm 30-40
9 A Lladro figure of a girl playing a mandolin 21cm, a ditto of a goose 12cm together with a Lladro Collectors Society plaque 30-50
11 A Nao figure of a dog and kitten 11cm, a ditto of geese 6cm, a puppy 5cm and geese beside a tree trunk 10cm 30-40
15 A Lladro figure of a girl with puppy looking into a hand mirror 5468 15cm (missing an accessory) together with a Lladro figure of a young girl wearing a towel holding an atomiser 6799 18cm 30-40
19 Three Royal Doulton figures - Balloon Seller HN2818 15cm, The Master HN2325 15cm and Lorna HN2311 20cm 30-50
23 A Victorian parian figure of a classical lady standing beside a slate, Egypt, Romans, Greece, raised on a circular base 31cm, a ditto of a robed lady 31cm 30-40
25 A Jenny Winstanley figure of a crouching cat no.5 with glass eyes 34cm and a ditto figure of a seated cat no.2 18cm 30-50
27 A Lladro group of a young boy with a hound and puppies no.5456 13cm 30-50
48 A Lladro group of polar bears and cub beside a fishing hole in the ice 16cm 40-60
49 A Nao group of 2 angels singing 21cm, a ditto of an angel playing a banjo 21cm and a gosling 8cm 30-50
50 A Nao figure of a young girl wearing a night dress yawning 30cm, ditto of a goose girl holding a basket of fruit 24cm and a ditto of a seated ballerina 22cm 30-50
62 A Royal Copenhagen figure of a hooded crow with frog standing on a rock, no.365, 34cm 60-100
74 Two Royal Worcester figures - October 3417 20cm and Water Baby 3151 15cm 30-50
76 A Lladro figure of a swan 5231 18cm 30-50
83 A Lladro figure of a swan no.6175 10cm 30-40
84 Two Royal Worcester figures - August 3441 13cm and June 3486 15cm 30-40
85 A Lladro figure of a swan 5230 21cm 30-40
88 A Parian style figure of Venus de Milo 72cm 40-60