Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
21 A Waterford Crystal pedestal bowl 11cm, a ditto bell 11cm and a vase 10cm, boxed 40-60
30 A Continental Art Nouveau glass vase with mottled 2 colour decoration and overlaid gilt floral work 19cm 40-60
32 A Langham pink glass figure of a standing elephant 8cm, a ditto 7.5cm and 2 Swarovski Crystal elephants 30-50
55 A Murano free form open bowl with millefiori decoration 50cm together with a pair of Studio Glass free form sculptures 30cm 40-50
58 A Galle style cameo glass vase decorated with thistles, bearing a signature 5.5cm 30-50
66 A pair of mallet shaped decanters and stoppers 20-30
67 A Galle style carved cameo oviform vase decorated with flowers bearing a signature 19cm 40-60
68 A Loetz style bulbous 2 handled bowl with stylised floral motif 25cm 100-150
70 A Galle style carved cameo baluster vase decorated with an extensive landscape bearing a signature 16cm 40-60
71 A Loetz style green glazed vase with metal collar 10cm and a gourd shaped purple ditto 13cm 40-60
72 A Galle style carved cameo baluster vase decorated with grapes and vine leaves 16cm 30-50
73 A Mdina squat globular glass vase 12cm, a Studio ditto 21cm 30-50
77 A Studio Glass figure of a cockerel 27cm and 5 items of Studio glassware 40-60