Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 13th of June 2012

Lot No Description Est Image
299 A copper warming pan with turned handle together with an octagonal brass chestnut roaster 10-20
305 A circular copper warming pan and a 19th Century oval copper saucepan with iron handle 10-20
306 A copper twin handled preserving pan 17" 20-30
315 A circular Eastern embossed copper charger 22" 20-30
321 A rectangular Indian trinket box with embossed copper decoration and hinged lid, 18" 20-30
351 An oval twin handled copper saucepan 18" 20-30
358 2 reproduction copper and brass coaching horns 20-30
405 An Art Nouveau embossed copper jug with hinged lid, the base marked J S & S RD09942 5" ILLUSTRATED 30-50
648 An Art Nouveau rectangular hammered copper tray 21" 20-30
655 A brass spirit kettle and a copper and brass coffee pot, no lid, 20-30
665 A rectangular pierced brass footman together with a copper kettle 10-20
682 An oval copper kettle 9" 10-20
687 A Georgian copper twin stag handled tea urn the finial in the form of a greyhounds head 30-50
689 An embossed copper jug 11", a brass jug 12" and a circular brass twin handled bowl 10-20
719 An Eastern embossed copper twin handled dish with old repair to the centre 15", a brass Eastern sieve 10", a copper bowl and 2 Eastern trays 10-20
728 2 reproduction copper jelly moulds and a small collection of copper 10-20