Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 12th of June 2013

Lot No Description Est Image
426 A Victorian concertina by Louis Lachenal contained in a mahogany carrying box, requires attention 70-120
459 A wooden 3 section flute, cased 30-50
460 A clarinet by Boosey & Hawkes, cased 30-50
461 A 19th Century concertina, Peerless Anglo German, by John C Murdoch & Co no.10749, boxed, 100-150
462 A facsimile Stradivarius violin labelled Fecit Anno 1701 with 14.5" back, complete with bow and in fibre carrying case 30-50
463 A violin with 15" back complete with bow in fibre carrying case 40-60
465 A facsimile Stradivarious violin labelled Antonus Stradivarius Cremonensis Fecit Anno 1729, with 2 piece back 15", complete with bow and carrying case 80-120