Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 12th of June 2013

Lot No Description Est Image
384 An Improved stamp album, a green Royal mail stamp album, a red Strand stamp album and an Ace stamp album 20-40
385 A green Windsor stamp album and a blue do. of GB stamps 20-30
386 An International stamp album, a black stock book of GB stamps and a black album of Jersey stamps and covers 20-30
387 A green Improved postage stamp album, a blue Commando illustrated stamp album, a red Champion album, a Gay Venture album, a Global Master stamp album, a Stanley Gibbons Postbox stamp album, a Netto stock book and 1 other album 20-30
388 A red stock book of various stamps, a green album of stamps, a shoe box containing a collection of first day covers, a tin of loose stamps and 1 other of PQ cards 10-20
389 5 stock books of GB stamps 50-75
390 A collection of various loose stamps 30-50
391 2 boxes of various loose stamps 15-20
392 A box of various loose leaf stamps and a stock book 20-30
393 An album of various first day covers etc 10-20
394 A green album of various stamps and other stamps etc, contained in 2 shallow boxes 20-30
395 A collection of first day covers 20-30
396 A collection of various stamps 10-20
397 A Stanley Gibbons 2006 1840-1952 stamp catalogue together with a Stanley Gibbons 2009 Commonwealth and Empire stamp catalogue 1840-1879, other stamp catalogues and a small collection of loose stamps 15-20
398 2 albums of first day covers and various stamp related books etc 20-30
399 4 brown loose leaf albums of postcards 30-50
400 An album of various black and white postcards 30-50
401 An album of various postcards 15-20
402 An album of various postcards 10-20
403 An album of various embroidered and coloured postcards 50-75
404 5 various postcard albums 15-20
405 3 blue albums of postcards and 2 black loose leaf albums of postcards 40-60
406 A collection of various tea cards 15-20
407 An album of cigarette cards and a box of cigarette cards 20-30
458 A collection of stamps and tea cards 30-50