Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 12th of June 2013

Lot No Description Est Image
351 A Staunton chess set contained in a mahogany box 100-150
365 A small collection of model cars 30-50
366 A Minic model of The SS Nieuw and other models of boats 20-40
367 A limited edition Corgi Classic model of a Brighton & District Omnibus, a limited edition The Original Omnibus Co. model of a Brighton & District bus and 1 other 60-80
368 2 Corgi limited edition Last Days of Southdown gift sets, a limited edition 75 years of service Aldershot & District gift set, an 80th Anniversary of Southdown Buses gift set and a Southdown gift set - all boxed 40-60
369 8 various Britbus Southdown model buses 60-80
370 9 various Corgi Original omnibus models of buses together with 2 motor coaches and a breakdown lorry 60-80
371 8 exclusive limited edition models of Southdown buses 40-60
372 12 Corgi Original models of buses 50-75
373 5 exclusive limited edition models of Southdown buses and 3 do. motor coaches 40-60
374 2 Corgi Original omnibus models of Brighton Hove & District trolley buses, 4 models of buses, an AEC tower wagon etc 40-60
375 A collection of various rails etc 10-20
376 2 Corgi model vintage buses, a Corgi model of a Brighton & Hove tour bus, a Corgi classic model of The Southdown Scammel, do. The Southdown Grey Arab, do. Goldstar Special and 3 other models 50-75
377 A Hornby O gauge clockwork locomotive, a mail carriage, an open truck, a Hornby no.2 double arm signal, a collection of Matchbox cars etc 20-30
378 A Thunderbirds 2 model and a collection of toy cars 20-30
379 A Hornby Dublo 2004 T.P.O Mail van set - boxed and a small collection of Hornby rolling stock, toy cars, etc 30-50
380 A quantity of various red and green Meccano 20-30
381 A MOBO Scottie tin plate model of a dog 40-60
381 A Triang red painted model of a crane 40-60
382 An Armand Marseille porcelain headed doll with open and shutting eyes, open mouth with 1 tooth, the head incised Germany 985 A10M 70-90
383 A childs 19th Century French croquet set comprising 9 mallets, 8 balls and a collection of hoops 100-150
478 A 19th Century porcelain headed doll, f, and a collection of various fabrics 20-30
489 An Escalado racing game 10-20