Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 12th of June 2013

Lot No Description Est Image
251 After P J Mene, a bronze study of an Arab horseman with hawk, f, 600-800
252 A bronze figure of a standing Pan with pipes 31" 200-300
253 A wooden model of a racing yacht 48" 30-50
254 A pair of 12 spoked iron shod cart wheels 51" diam. 50-75
255 A Continental metal milk churn 70-100
256 A pair of brass spiral candlesticks 20"h 40-60
257 An Art Deco style bronze figure of a dancing lady raised on a socle marble base 23" 160-220
258 A circular Japanese bronze charger decorated birds raised on panel supports 90-120
259 An Eastern brass 4 light oil lamp 25" 10-20
260 An Eastern bronze table lamp in the form of a twin handled urn 14" 70-120
261 A green reconstituted marble plinth, having stepped square top on a knopped column support, plinth base, 44"h x 16"w x 16"d 120-160
262 A copper helmet shaped coal scuttle 30-50
263 A pair of black leather riding boots with mahogany tops complete with trees 40-60
264 A stuffed and mounted figure of a Pine Martin 17" 20-30
265 A brass helmet shaped coal scuttle 20-30
266 A pair of brown leather riding boots complete with trees by Rowell & Sons Melton Mowbray 40-60
267 A pair of bronzed Empire style reeded candlesticks, raised on triform bases 11" 50-75
268 After the antique, a resin portrait bust of a classical lady 7" 20-30
269 A pint harvest measure by Burt Brothers of Birmingham 20-40
270 A cylindrical coopered jar and cover 7" and a copper gallon harvest measure 30-50
271 A Safavid copper and brass club shaped vase 8" 80-120
272 An Art Nouveau table easel mirror contained in a painted metal frame 15" 100-150
273 A pair of Continental Trench Art vases converted from shell cases marked Ypres and Somme and a pair of brass and bakelite candlesticks 10" 40-60
274 A carved Burmese? figure of a standing mythical beast 13" and 2 resin figures of Buddhas 30-50
275 Skruf, Sweden, a glass Vatten water barometer 9"h x 3.75"w 15-20