Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 20th of June 2018

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A Royal Copenhagen baluster vase decorated by Arthur Boesen dated 9.4.1918, showing an extensive country landscape with trees and buildings 38cm 100-200
2 A modern Moorcroft blue ground plate decorated with anemones 26cm 40-60
3 A Swarovski figure - Antonio 2003 606441/7400200300 by Martin Zendron 21cm, boxed 60-90
4 A Lladro group of a shepherd, young lady and sheep 31cm 100-150
5 A Spode limited edition commemorative challis and cover to celebrate the wedding of HRH Charles Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer St Pauls Cathedral 29th July 1981 no.254/500 31cm 50-80
6 A Spode limited edition commemorative challis and cover to commemorate 200 years of Spode craftsmanship 1770 - 1970 no. 115/200 31cm 50-100
7 A Spode limited edition commemorative challis and cover - The York Minster Challis 1972 no. 63/200 31cm 50-100
8 A Royal Worcester limited edition commemorative 2 handled urn and cover to commemorate the visit of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to Great Britain May 1982 24/250 20cm 40-60
9 A Royal Doulton figure - The Potter HN1493, 19cm 30-50
10 A pair of Royal Worcester blush porcelain vases in the form of croci with gilt bases 9cm 30-50
11 A Royal Worcester blue and white bulbous vase decorated with moored boats, the lid with flowers, 32cm 30-50
12 A Lladro figure of a 1920's lady 24cm, do. girl holding fruit 4841 17cm and a girl with a bird and watering can at her feet 5217 18cm 40-60
13 A Lladro figure of a lady with a butterfly on her hand 6418 30cm 60-80
14 A Royal Doulton figure - Paisley Shawl HN1987 21cm 26-36
15 A Bing and Grondal figure of a bird 13cm, a do. of a fish 14cm 30-50
16 Three Royal Worcester commemorative chalices - The Worcester Cathedral restoration appeal goblet no.42, no.66 and no.290/500 18cm 50-80
17 A Royal Worcester Willow pattern scalloped cabaret tray 47cm 50-80
18 A Swarovski Crystal seal 012261 9cm and a do. of a mouse 010020 4cm 30-50
19 A Swarovski Crystal cat 010011 3cm and a rabbit 010012 3cm 28-38
20 A Swarovski Crystal piglet 010028 3cm and a do. sparrow 010017 3cm and a swan 015152 4cm 30-40
21 A Swarovski Crystal Journeys Windmill 266301/9461000013 2001 7cm boxed 24-34
22 Three Swarovski Crystal animals - baby penguin 3 1/2cm, swan 4cm, owl 4cm and a shell 3cm, boxed 30-50
23 A Swarovski Crystal Water Lily candle holder by Max Schreck 011867/7600124000 1985 8cm boxed 30-50
24 Four Swarovski Crystal figures - bear 4 1/2cm, goose 4 1/2cm, koala bear 4cm and 1 other bear 4cm, all boxed 30-50
25 A Swarovski Crystal Angel by Adi Stocker 194761/74750006000 1995 9cm boxed 40-60