Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 5th of June 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A Lladro group of 2 children on a baby elephant 5352 24cm 50-75
2 A Lladro figure of a Stork sitting on a chimney pot with a baby tied in a blanket no.6228 25cm 50-75
3 A Lladro figure of a young girl with a teddy sleeping on a pillow 6790 10cm 30-50
4 A Lladro figure of a young boy with a toy rabbit sleeping on a pillow 6791 10cm 30-50
5 A Nao figure of a seated lady holding a fan 26cm, ditto lady with a cat in her jacket 30cm and a sleeping child in a bassinet 10cm 30-50
6 A 19th Century Continental bowl, the green ground with panels of exotic birds and flowers the interior with flowers and insects 28cm 40-60
7 A Swarovski Crystal figure of a cat 7cm and minor crystal figures 30-40
8 A Swarovski figure of a teddybear 8cm and minor crystal figures 40-60
9 A Royal Crown Derby Old Imari pattern candlestick no.1128, 27cm 100-150
10 A German conversation group of 3 figures seated at a piano forte, raised on a rococo base 18cm 40-60
11 A Poole Pottery jardiniere decorated with flowers together with a ditto stand 16cm 30-50
12 A Royal Lancastrian dappled orange glazed baluster vase no.2838 29cm 40-60
13 A Swarovski model of a rose 8cm, a ditto of a clam shell 6.5cm, boxed 30-40
14 A Swarovski figure of a snowman 5.5 cm, ditto of a vase of flowers 6cm 30-50
15 A Swarovski figure of a seahorse 8.5cm, ditto of a hedgehog 4cm and a baby elephant 5cm 30-50
16 A Swarovski figure of a swan 6cm, ditto of a butterfly 5cm, smaller ditto 4cm 30-50
17 Four Swarovski Crystal memories - lantern, telephone, egg timer, tea set and spinning wheel 30-50
18 A Lladro Collectors Society figure of a boy playing with a toy train no.7619 19cm, boxed 20-30
19 A Lladro dish decorated with a dove 10cm, a Lladro Collectors Society plaque 15cm and a ditto with a dove 17cm 24-34
20 A 19th Century Bohemian waisted bottle decorated with flowers and gilt scroll decoration 16cm 30-50
21 A Royal Copenhagen dish decorated with a frog 11cm 30-40
22 A modern Limoges timepiece decorated with spring flowers, having a quartz movement 8cm 26-36
23 A Parian bust of a classical gentleman raised on a wooden socle 36cm 30-50
24 A Lladro figure of a lady holding an umbrella with a Chihuahua at her feet 34cm 40-60
25 A Lladro figure of a girl holding a basket feeding geese 24cm 30-50