Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 5th of June 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
169 A Hornby OO oil tank wagon D1 boxed, 7 other oil tank wagons, 2 trucks and 2 break wagons 30-50
170 A Hornby R150 model locomotive and tender (buffer damaged), ditto R50 Princess Victoria, Triang R150 locomotive and tender, a Lima diesel locomotive, 4 Hornby tank engines and 4 others 60-80
171 A Lima model locomotive and tender, a Triang locomotive and tender Princess Elizabeth, a Hornby double headed diesel locomotive, ditto Lima, 2 Dinky model police boxes, telephone box, ticket kiosk and a collection of various rolling stock 30-50
172 A Triang R.152 diesel shunter boxed and a Hornby Dublo 2207 tank locomotive boxed 30-50
173 Two Lima carriages box and other boxed carriages and unboxed rolling stock contained in a 2 boxes 30-50
174 Eleven Hornby metal railway signals and 7 Crescent ditto, a limited edition Matchbox model of Yesteryear Great Dorset Steam Fair etc 30-50
175 A Corgi Supertoys Close mobile crane (play worn), a Dinky Commer breakdown van, a 40th Anniversary of Matchbox Series set no.s 1, 4, 7 and 9 boxed and a collection of other model toy cars 30-50
176 A Lonestar train set comprising 2 locomotives, a diesel locomotive, 2 carriages, station, bridge and rails, all play worn 30-50
177 Two Transogram battery operated racing cars 24-34
178 A Carrera Evolution James Bond OO7 Goldfinger racing game no.25330 together with a ditto Die Another Day 50-75
179 A Hornby O gauge train set comprising Hornby Type 501 locomotive and tender together with 2 carriages and a collection of track etc in 2 boxes 30-50
180 A Hornby 175 freight train set boxed together with an Mehanotehnika train set boxed, a Hornby 900 and a Hornby 902 controller and a small collection of rolling stock 30-50
181 Two Master OO gauge models - no.36 Tobacco kiosk and no.37 Fruit kiosk boxed, together with a Platelayers hut boxed, a Triang Hornby battle space R.752 boxed and an Abto Tpacca tin plate game (no key) boxed (damage to box) 30-40
182 A Hornby O gauge train set no.101 passenger set boxed and comprising tank engine, 3 carriages, track 40-60
183 A Triang CKD kit no.R.382 boxed and a collection of Triang rails, points and track, 2 Kit Master models and 5 Airfix models etc 30-50
184 A metal framed model doll 22cm 30-40
185 A Steiff Classic replica bear of a 1908 bear 24cm together with a Steiff figure of a brown bear 25cm 40-60
186 A Herman musical bear 39cm together with a brown Herman bear 40-60
187 A Russ vintage limited edition pink bear 30cm, a Russ Bradford yellow bear 35cm, a pink Merrythought hippo, an Anita Hill bear 32cm and 1 other bear 30-50
188 A Merrythought yellow bear with articulated body 35cm, a Barton yellow bear with articulated limbs 32cm and a Boyds bear 50cm 30-40
189 A Deans limited edition bear with camel body and articulated limbs 42cm, a Bear Factory bear 36cm, a Canterbury bear with articulated body 35cm, an Alberon porcelain headed doll and a small figure 30-40
190 A 19th Century style yellow bear with articulated limbs 45cm 50-75
191 100 Del Prado N gauge model locomotives together with editions of "Locomotives of the World" 100-150
192 A half size bottle of 70% Black and Whyte Choice Old Scotch Whisky 40-50
193 A 26 2/3 fluid ozs Dimple Haig bottle of whisky with outer netting (damage to netting in places) 30-50