Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 14th of March 2007

Lot No Description Est Image
1082 A shell carved cameo portrait brooch signed Inadi and contained in a gilt metal brooch/pendant mount £30-50 -
1084 A lady's gold crescent shaped brooch set demi-pearls £30-50 -
1085 A lady's oval shell carved cameo portrait brooch set in a gilt metal mount £20-30 -
1086 A Victorian 1871 shield back half sovereign contained in a pendant mount £30-50 -
1088 A circular "jade" and silver pendant set a figure of Buddha £60-80 -
1091 An intaglio cut stone brooch decorated pyramids contained in a gilt metal mount £15-20 -
1100 A lady's Art Deco gold rectangular diamond set brooch, set a large diamond to the centre, flanked and supported by numerous diamonds £500-700 ILLUSTRATED -
1101 A lady's gilt metal brooch set polished granite decorated a thistle by Jamieson of Aberdeen £20-30 -
1105 A 9ct gold bar brooch decorated a star set garnet and demi-pearls £20-30 -
1107 A lady's gold bar brooch set 9 diamonds and supported by numerous others £200-300 ILLUSTRATED -
1108 A 14ct gold pendant decorated an oak tree £20-30 -
1109 A gilt metal mourning pendant with hair sculpture to the back, marked A Dance Our Dance, a gilt metal sovereign case and a miniature portrait print of a lady in a gilt metal frame £20-30 -
1112 A gilt metal bar brooch decorated a clover and set moon stones and garnet £30-50 -
1132 An oval turquoise pendant surrounded by simulated pearls hung on a simulated pearl chain £15-20 -
1135 An Eastern green and metal suite of jewellery comprising earrings and pendant £20-30 -
1139 A suite of Eastern white metal and jade coloured jewellery comprising circular pierced pendant and pair of earrings £20-30 -
1143 A shell carved cameo portrait brooch contained in a gilt mount £20-30 -
1169 A Scottish claw brooch £5-10 -
1202 A rosewood box containing a pair of model slippers, a silver hoof shaped brooch and other items etc £20-30 -