Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 28th of March 2018

Lot No Description Est Image
421 A J Capey, watercolour, signed, a floral study 48cm x 35cm 40-60
422 Webb, oil on board, a rural landscape, Lake District?, 27cm x 31cm 40-60
423 Jeanne Courtauld, oil on board, signed, a rural study with cattle 24cm x 35cm 40-60
424 V Abbot, oil on board, Thames side view, inscribed on verso 24cm x 29cm 40-60
425 Sir William Russell Flint (1880 - 1969) a pair coloured prints, figures by a stream and a lady entering a boathouse 24cm x 33cm latter with signed letter en verso 40-60
427 A pair of Japanese woodblock prints, studies of geishas, signed 36cm x 16cm 40-60
428 An Edwardian watercolour, unsigned, children playing in a village street 28cm x 19cm 40-60
429 Richard W Orr, gouache signed, study of a Roe deer 43cm x 30cm 120-160
430 Richard W Orr, gouache, study of deer in highland setting 40cm x 30cm 130-160
431 Richard W Orr, acrylic signed, study of Kingfishers in an urban setting 40cm x 29cm 160-190
432 Luigi Rossini, (1790 - 1857) black and white etchings, Italian architectural studies, a pair 42cm x 52cm 50-80
433 Brand, watercolour, signed, Dorset coastal scene with figures 26cm x 50cm 40-60
434 P Whittock, oil on canvas, a maritime study with ships and boats in a busy harbour, unframed 36cm x 76cm 40-60
435 Richard W Orr, mixed media, signed, a book illustration of pine martins 34cm x 27cm 100-150
436 J C Railton, watercolour, signed, study of a country house 31.5cm x 48.5cm 40-60
437 P A Weber, oil on canvas, signed, a Dutch riverscape with windmills and boats 59cm x 70cm 50-80
438 Dorothy Watts, watercolour signed, "The Via Colombo Sestri Le Vante Mall Gallero" label on verso 30cm x 40cm 100-150
439 20th Century oil on canvas, unsigned, still life study of coffee pots and fruits 50cm x 39cm 100-150
440 Edward Wesson (1910 - 1983) proof prints, signed in pencil, Thames views - The Palace of Westminster and St Pauls Cathedral 35cm x 51cm 100-150
441 David Hyde (1947), oil on canvas, signed, winter rural scene with horses 39cm x 49cm 100-150
442 F Russell Flint (1915-1977) watercolour, unsigned, Continental beach scene with figures 28cm x 38cm 100-150
443 Roger Dellar, pastel, signed, "Kew Gardens" with Burford Gallery label to verso31cm x 39cm 100-150
444 Herbert C Ahier, 1944, watercolour, signed, naval vessels off a coastal scene 19cm x 36cm 100-150
445 Iris Francis (1913), watercolour, signed "The Old School Steyning" 34cm x 24cm 80-100
446 Richard Smith, watercolour study with rams and distant village, unsigned 22cm x 33cm 40-60