Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 28th of March 2018

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A set of Royal Doulton Middle Earth Lord of The Rings figures - Gandalf HN2911, Galadriel HN2915, Boromir HN2918, Samwise HN2925, Tom Bombadil HN2924, Gollum HN2913, Frodo HN2912, Barliman Butterbur HN2923, Bilbo HN2914, Gimli HN2922, Legolas HN2917 and Aragon HN2916 400-600
2 A Swarovski Crystal squat vase 3.5cm, a do. parrot 7cm, a panda cub 1.5cm and 7 other crystal ornaments 30-50
3 A millefiori paperweight ink bottle 13cm, a faceted millefiori paperweight dated 1979 7.5cm, a multicane do. by Percier Paperweights 7.5cm 40-60
4 A pair of 20th Century German Sitzendorf porcelain figures of parrots on rocky floral encrusted tree stumps 32cm 50-80
5 A Lladro figure of a girl pushing a pram containing puppies 5364, 23cm 30-50
6 A Bing and Grondahl figure of a bird 1909 12cm, a do. of a chick 1852 7cm 30-50
7 A Royal Copenhagen group of a fox and cubs 1788 11cm 40-60
8 A Lladro figure of a crouching puppy 15cm 30-50
9 A Lladro figure of a girl with goose and bowl of food 25cm 30-50
10 A Lladro figure of a fairy 28cm 30-50
11 A Lladro figure of a seated child and puppy 19cm 30-50
12 A Lladro figure of a seated girl with 2 puppies in her shawl 6226 16cm 30-50
13 A Nao group of 2 dogs 14cm, a do. of a girl 19cm 28-38
14 A Nao group of a swan and a cygnet 26cm, 2 Nao figures of geese 28-38
15 A Beswick figure of a stag 22cm 24-34
16 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweight Collectors Guild Kitten Spice with gold stopper 7cm 20-30
17 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweight Harbour Seal no. 2456/4500 with gold stopper 14cm 30-50
18 A Val St Lambert clear glass paperweight 10cm, a Swarovski crystal bear and cat 30-50
19 A Whitefriars red glass knobbly vase 15cm 20-40
20 A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern paperweight of a cat Misty with gold stopper 4cm 20-30
21 Six miniature bottles of beer 3.75cm, 2 advertising paperweights - Peckett & Sons locomotive engineers Bristol 8cm and W & J R Hunter mahogany and timber merchants 8cm 28-38
22 A Lladro figure of a kitten with a mouse on his tail 8cm 24-34
23 Six Royal Doulton character jugs - Aramis D645 10cm, Don Quixote D6460 9cm, Tony Weller 8cm, The Poacher D6515 5.5cm, Beefeater D6251 8cm and Robin Hood 8cm 30-50
24 Two Royal Doulton figures - Affection HN2236 13cm and Babie HN1679 12cm 28-38
25 Two Royal Doulton figures - Bo Peep HN1811 13cm and Cherie HN2341 15cm 20-40