Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 13th of March 2019

Lot No Description Est Image
1 A Dresden porcelain table lamp with floral encrusted decoration supported by gallant and belle 37cm h x 14cm diam. 80-120
2 A Lalique Naiades pattern pin tray, the base etched R LALIQUE PARIS 10cm h x 10cm diam. 50-80
3 A Lalique Asters pattern plate, the base etched R LALIQUE, FRANCE to the centre, 18 cm diam 80-120
4 A circular Lalique Oursins pattern dish, etched R LALIQUE FRANCE to the centre, 28cm diam 100-150
6 A 1930's Carlton Ware ribbed jug "Night Oak" with printed mark no.794856, 36cm 70-90
7 A Georgian Bristol blue glass club shaped Hollands decanter and stopper and a ditto Rum 25cm 80-120
8 Linda Taylor, a square Troika vase, base marked Troika Cornwall England LT, 9cm x 7cm x 7cm 40-60
9 A cylindrical Whitefriars clear glass bark effect vase 23cm x 10cm 90-120
10 A pair of late Dresden oval pierced porcelain baskets with floral decoration 3cm x 6cm x 5cm and a ditto pierced porcelain jar and cover 6cm x 6cm 30-40
11 Two Royal Worcester figures Red Crest 2667 16cm and Canary 2665 16cm and 2 Crown Staffordshire figures - Cardinal by J T Jones 13cm and a Macaw 20cm 30-50
12 A 1930's Carlton Ware lustre sketching bird pattern vase 3819 decorated a kingfisher 22cm h 100-150
13 Four Coalport pastel burners - The Summer House 11cm, Umbrella House 13cm, The Master's House 11cm and Village Church 15cm 30-40
14 A Royal Doulton figure - The Bride HN1600 22cm 80-100
15 A Royal Copenhagen baluster vase decorated with flowers 5357 22cm, a ditto oviform vase decorated with pansies 7097 13cm and a Bing and Grondahl decorated with seagulls 13cm 30-40
16 A Royal Worcester figure Chronos, 4 Goebel figures - Nuthatch, Golden Oriole, Robin, Sparrow and a Renaissance World Wildlife Fund figure of a badger 30-40
17 A 20th Century glass sculpture in the form of a dragon with a pearl in his mouth 25cm 20-30
18 An Edwardian plaster head and shoulders portrait bust of a whistling boy raised on a socle base, the reverse incised 190, 48cm x 26cm 40-60
21 A Nao figure of a lady standing beside a plinth with a ewer 35cm, ditto of a girl in a yellow dress 26cm, ditto boy 27cm, goose 23cm, girl with hat 23cm, a seated ballerina 17cm and two boys 24cm 40-60
22 A pair of Wedgwood blue Jasper medallions HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh 11cm x 8cm, boxed 30-40
23 A Lladro figure of a swan 20cm, a Nao figure of a goose 30cm, 1 other 15cm and an owl 17cm 30-40
24 A 17th Century style Quimper Ware tile decorated a head and shoulders portrait of a lady, the reverse marked Grazia In Derato 10cm x 10cm (some chips to the rim) together with a ditto flask in the form of a book marked Amitie 7cm x 6cm (slight chips) 30-40
25 A Swarovski figure of a standing dog 7cm and one other of a blowfish 4cm, boxed 30-40
26 A Swarovski figure of a bird of prey 4cm and one other of a pig 3cm, boxed 30-40
27 A Swarovski figure of a seated frog 5cm and one other frog 3cm, boxed 24-34
28 A Swarovski figure of a mouse 4cm and other of a squirrel 4cm, boxed 30-40