Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Thursday 10th of March 2022

Lot No Description Est Image
551 A gilt metal Dutch style 3 light electrolier 56cm h x 47cm diam. 25-35
552 An Art Nouveau cast fender 13cm h x 130cm w x 40cm (finial missing to left hand edge) 15-25
553 A pair of circular white painted reconstituted stone twin handled urns 45cm h x 50cm w x 57cm d 100-150
554 A 20th Century stuffed and mounted muntjac in a naturalistic setting, cased by Mendip Taxidermy 63cm h x 95cm w x 38cm d 200-300
555 A white painted reconstituted stone crescent bench raised on scroll supports 47cm h x 120cm w x 41cm d 60-90
556 A 19th Century Continental pierced iron fender decorated birds and swags 28cm h x 101cm w x 9cm d 30-50
557 A circular well weathered reconstituted stone garden urn with tudor rose decoration 44cm h x 55cm diam. 50-75
558 A 1940's tubular metal framed folding, 4 wheeled, wheelchair 100cm h x 101cm w x 50cm (seat 35cm x 44cm) 30-40
559 A white reconstituted stone crescent shaped garden bench, raised on scroll supports 47cm h x 120cm w x 41cm d 60-90
560 A pair of French 19th Century gilt metal andirons in the form of lidded urns 34cm h x 28cm w x 12cm d together with an associated pierced gilt metal fender front 8cm x 66cm 20-30
561 A 1970's pressed metal, enamel and beech framed folding A frame sign for Lyons Maid Ice Cream 84m h x 51cm w x 55cm d 60-90
562 A well weathered reconstituted stone crescent shaped garden bench raised on scole supports 45cm h x 108cm w x 36cm d 50-75
563 A Victorian style arch shaped gilt metal umbrella stand 63cm h x 41cm w x 19cm d 40-60
564 A blacksmith made wrought iron and mesh spark guard 61cm h x 68cm w x 32cm d 50-75
565 A 1930's wooden model of a 3 masted galleon 50cm h x 55cm w x 16cm d 40-60
566 A cylindrical copper and brass twin handled coal bin with lion mask ring handles, raised on paw supports 30cm h x 28cm diam. 40-60
567 P D Spear, a turned elm bowl 17cm h x 40cm diam. base marked P D Spear Henfield Sussex Elm 39 1997 40-60
568 A Decca Regal portable manual gramophone contained in a fibre case marked IST U32468 together with a collection of records 15cm h x 38cm w x 28cm d 40-60
569 An International Sewing machine 25cm h x 32cm w x 21cm d 30-50
570 A gilt metal Rococo style table easel 53cm h x 27cm w x 23cm d 40-60
571 A J Brignall Hastings, a pair of enamelled double sided grocer's scales to weigh one pound by drams 45cm h x 15cm w x 29cm d 50-75
572 A Springbank boxed set of six 50ml bottles of malt whisky contained in tins comprising 1991 Caol Ila, 1990 Ben Nevis, 1990 Glenmill, 1988 Linkwood, 1990 Glen Scotia and 1993 Ledaig 80-120
573 A Diageo Rare Malts Selection boxed set of five 20cl bottles of natural cask strength malt whisky including a 1975 20 year old Brora, 1975 20 year old Caol Ila, 1973 22 year old Dailuaine, 1972 23 Year Old Glendullan and a 1972 23 Year Old Teaninich, 700-900
574 A 70cl bottle of Glenturret 15 year old malt whisky boxed 40-60
576 A 35cl bottle of Glenturret 15 year old malt whisky together with 35cl a bottle of Glenturret malt liqueur 50-75