Denhams Auction Catalogue

for our Antique, Fine Art and Collectables auction held on Wednesday 4th of May 2022

Lot No Description Est Image
551 John Betteridge, a stuffed and mounted pike with line, contained in a bow front case, labelled to the top Pike 13lbs 6 ozs, River Severn, Holt Fleet, December 23rd 1955, labelled to the bottom right Specimen Fish, preserved and mounted John Betteridge & Sons, 55a Crescent, Birmingham 47cm h x 113cm w x 23cm d 150-250
552 A stuffed and mounted Rudd contained in a bow front glass case marked Rudd, caught by G Rawlins River Ouse, Ely, July 30th 1948, weight 2lbs 11ozs 30cm h x 49cm w x 12cm d 100-200
553 A stuffed and mounted Grayling contained in a bow front case and naturalistic setting, labelled Grayling taken by D S Watkins, River Avon, 16th January 1936 1lb 7ozs 27cm h x 47cm w x 12cm d 100-150
554 A plaster Chubb contained in a bow front case and labelled Chubb caught on the Avon by Mr S G Davies, October 18th 1939, weight 4lbs 3 ozs 34cm h x 61cm w x 14cm d 150-200
555 A stuffed and mounted Perch, contained in a bow front case 29cm h x 46cm w x 12cm d (unlabelled) 150-200
556 A stuffed and mounted Pike contained in a rectangular straight fronted case, unlabelled 33cm h x 31cm w x 16cm d 100-150
557 A pair of gilt metal twin drop 11 light electroliers 54cm h x 77cm 50-75
558 A pair of Dutch style gilt metal 6 light electroliers with etched glass shades 44cm h x 67cm diam. (one is missing 3 shades) 40-60
559 A pair of circular gilt metal and glass bag shaped light fittings 24cm h x 19cm diam. 40-50
560 A circular gilt metal light fitting hung lozenges 16cm x 16cm, (some lozenges missing) 30-40
561 A gilt metal oil lamp with clear glass chimney and etched glass shade, raised on a reeded column 56cm h x 15cm 30-40
562 An Art Nouveau planished copper fire curb 14cm h x 143cm w x 40cm d 30-40
563 A bronze figure of a seated Goddess 31cm h x 23cm w x 17cm d 80-120
564 A Victorian perpetual calendar contained in a mahogany case 22cm h x 14cm w x 8cm d 60-80
565 A 19th Century gilt metal epergne base decorated cherubs and grapes 28cm h x 15cm x 15cm 40-60
566 A miner's safety lamp "The Protector" Type 1A 40-60
567 A NCM Nippon calculator together with a letter press for Manorgate Residence Association Ltd 40-60
568 A stylish Japanese coppered club shaped vase decorated a dragon, 30cm h x 10cm diam. 40-60
569 A pair of 19th Century brass candlesticks of squat square form, 8cm h x 10cm x 10cm, 1 other pair 25cm h the bases marked Storra of Chester 25cm h and a pair of copper candlesticks 28cm 30-40
570 Renard of 29 Rue Nationale, Lille, a silk top hat, size 7 30-40
571 Newlyn, a rectangular embossed copper tray marked Newlyn 2cm h x 44cm w x 19cm d 50-75
572 A Spong & Co. no.3 table mounted coffee grinder 23cm h x 17cm w x 10cm d 30-50
573 A circular copper pail with swing handle 35cm h x 47cm w (misshapen) 40-60
574 A pair of planished metal fire dogs 45cm h x 25cm together with a matching 4 piece fireside companion set and stand 40-50
575 Christie, a Berkshire Constabulary police helmet complete with helmet plate (no chin strap) 50-75